Why to get a pair of Continental TKC 70 and TKC 70 Rocks

It is no coincidence that the TKC 70 and TKC 70 Rocks are some of the star tires in Continental’s range. They are best sellers and their characteristics endorse them. They are versatile, durable and have the necessary grip for all types of roads. If you haven’t tried them yet, here are seven reasons to convince you.

1. Recommended by adventurists

Both the TKC 70 and TKC 70 Rocks have been chosen on many occasions by adventurers for their motorcycle trips around the world.  Lisa Thomas and Simon Thomas (2 Ride the World) are Continental ambassadors and both use TKC 70 sets on their adventures. With over 500,000 miles and 15-years of traveling around the globe, the couple has used Continental tires 99% of the time, and say “tire choice is probably one of the most critical decisions you can make for your bike and it really affects your safety and riding experience”.

Regarding the TKC 70s, they told us, “With great tread life (even on a heavy, fully loaded adventure bike) and top-notch performance, predictability, stability and traction, the TKC 70 might be one of the best all-around performers Lisa or I have ever ridden”.

2. Made in Germany

At Continental’s Engineering Center, more than 1,000 scientists, designers and engineers are dedicated to inventing, developing and testing with the goal of achieving the performance that every user is looking for. All TKC70 and TKC70 Rocks Continental radial motorcycle tires are developed and manufactured in Germany’s Korbach factory, the famous ContiDrom development center, and tested on the fast German autobahns.

3. The ultimate technology

As mentioned in the previous point, the TKC 70 and TKC 70 Rocks are developed in Germany with the best German technology. The following technologies have been applied to both tires to achieve the necessary performance and long life.

  • MultiGrip: This is a compound vulcanized at different temperatures that provides more resistance/strength in the central tread area to endure for miles so it doesn’t “wear down”.
  • ZeroDegree: this technology optimizes impact absorption and guarantees the user extreme stability at high speeds.
  • RainGrip: This exclusive Continental compound gives the tire more grip on wet or slippery surfaces, also increasing mileage.

4. Chosen as OEM tires

TKC 70 tires have been chosen as the original tire to equip the new KTM 390 Adventure released in 2020. The Austrian bike is well regarded for its performance, technology and pure adventure orientation with off-road capabilities: just like the TKC 70.

5. Great on and off-road performance

The TKC 70 is a tire with a balanced orientation of 80% asphalt and 20% off-road, so it can be used by adventure enthusiasts who usually ride on the road, but do not want to give up tracing sections of roads of different difficulties.

The TKC 70 combines the best of the TKC 80 off-road tire and the best of the ContiTrailAttack 3 road-adventure tire. They have very good off-road performance and it is surprising that a mixed tire with such a good performance on asphalt can be so agile on gravel, far surpassing the most demanding expectations of the average adventure rider.

6. More off-road: TKC 70 Rocks

If you are looking for better off-road performance, you can mix and match the front TKC 70 tire with the TKC 70 Rocks rear tire. The rear-only TKC 70 Rocks perfectly complements a standard TKC 70 front tire to give the rider extra off-road performance and grip. This is a tire more suitable for adventurers who use their adventure bike to ride on roads as well as difficult terrain, dirt roads and rocks of greater difficulty.

The TKC 70 Rocks offers the rider more control in gravel and off-road conditions. In addition, despite its more off-road look, it maintains a really low noise level.

7. Great choice for custom bikes

The TKC 70s have an aesthetic and interesting performance that position them as one of the favorites for builders to complete their creations. We see it especially in scrambler and cafe-racer type motorcycles.

Find out more about the full line of Continental Enduro / Adventure Tires and the complete line of Continental motorcycle tires at: continental-tires.com/motorcycle

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