Taking care of the safety of our riders

Tire grip is crucial for safer riding. Tires are the only contact a bike makes with the road. Furthermore, they are the primary component that hold us upright when riding: so we have to pay a lot of attention to their condition and performance .

For over a century, Continental has worked tirelessly to provide drivers and riders with a tire that can adapt to their bike, their riding style, and the different conditions of the moment. To make that possible, Continental has developed four different grip technologies that are applied to its compounds in order to ensure that riders have the right grip for their riding conditions of the of choice or or the moment.

MultiGrip Technology

Continental’s Multigrip technology provides more resistance/strength in the central tread area to endure for miles so it doesn’t “wear down.”  It also provides a compound with less resistance on the sides and allowed for more grip when leaning into curves and a more gradual transition when riding from upright to leaning angles.  Multigrip eliminates the ‘step’ feeling thanks to the temperature control at the time of vulcanization. and allows the rider to push to the limits.  How is this achieved?

Multigrip is made possible by using ‘homogenous grip grading’ creating the benefits of a dual-compound tire using a single compound thanks to temperature controlled curing of the tire during the production process.  What we end up with is a a tire with greater resistance thanks to its harder center tread, thus allowing more mileage. On the other hand, it makes the sides of the tire less hard which guarantees maximum grip on leaning and therefore total safety. In short, the MultiGrip technology ensures an even wear without steps .

Continental has applied this technology to most of its tires in the Racing, Sport, Sport-Touring, Off-Road and Supermoto ranges. Thus offering maximum safety to all types of riders, no matter what their riding style or bike. The tires that have this technology are:

Other Continental Technologies

Multigrip is just one of the innovative technologies developed by Continental on its quest to achieve perfect tire grip. GripLimitFeedback is one of the more innovative and practicable technologies Continental has developed to ensure riders can better feel a tires performance by transmitting more faithful sensations to the rider during extreme lean angles as the rider receives feedback from the tires at an early stage in critical situations for a higher level of control at the limit.  This feedback allows for a greater level of control.

Two additional grip technologies developed by Continental, include RainGrip  and ZeroDegree technology.  RainGrip gives the tire more grip in the wet, also increasing mileage while ZeroDegree technology, has a more rigid and lighter structure which helps to improve riding precision and handling of the bike.

Learn more about Continental Technologies to find the right grip for your ride.  You can also explore the range of Continental Tires and the Continental Fitment Guide to find your perfect match.