2 Ride The World is a couple of travellers who have ridden the TKC 70

TKC 70

2 Ride The World is one of the most experienced riding couples all over the world. They have ridden more than 500,000 miles over dozens of countries. In their 15 years of ridding across the world, 99% of their journey has been ridden on Continental Motorcycle Tires. They had been riding on the legendary TKC 80s during all this time, until recently.

In their journey to the north west side of the USA during the first quarter of 2018, most of their riding consisted on paved roads. This meant that it would be convenient for them to switch over to the more on-road friendly TKC 70.  With a 70/30 on-road/off-road split, the TKC 70 represents the next step away from the knobbie TKC 80.

“The reality is that your rubber choice is probably one of the most critical decision’s you can make for your bike and one that genuinely affects your safety and riding experience.”

Lisa and Simon were able to test the TKC 70’s performance on asphalt, corrugated concrete, diesel soaked back streets, mud tracks and deep sand.

Less sound

Thanks to a knobbles road friendly design, one of the biggest advantages of the TKC 70s is their silent ride. No hum, no prob.

More Grip

TKC 70

Simon and Lisa praised Continental’s craftsmanship on the TKC 70, thanks to a great shoulder profile and predictability at any speed.

“The graduated profile of the tire makes both slower and more aggressive turning an absolute pleasure, so much so that even aboard my colossally heavy BMW R 1200 GS Adventure with panniers, bags and kit, I found myself pushing the bike harder and harder into corners at greater speed, simply because I could.”

More Confidence On The Road

“The smooth and even profile of the tires, provides a level of confidence that is inspiring, even on graded dirt roads. There was no hint of tyre creep. In fact the tyre simply became stickier and the ride became faster. I was wearing an absurd grin the entire day and flicking my bike around like a plastic-fantastic-croch-rocket.”

A Wet Master

“We’ve had more than our fair share of rain and I’ve played with the TKC70’s, both with traction control on and off and even in the most torrential of downpours, while riding corrugated concrete highways the TKC70’s have gripped and never slid. Yeah, the rubber has impressive grip.”

Getting Dirty

TKC 70“On fast and undulating dirt and gravel maintained tracks, the grip from the front end was secure and always predictable, as was the tires ability to perform under extreme braking. In mild muddy conditions the tread pattern did a good job of slinging off the crap, but as the rain really began to pour and the earth turned to mud soup, the tire began to show signs of its limitations. But, that’s to be expected on any tire that leans towards being road biased.”


Tire Life

Thanks to having a bigger contact patch, MultiGrip, RainGrip and ZeroDegree Continental Core technologies, the TKC 70s are automatically more durable than the TKC 80s. Simon and Lisa were able to put 8,934 miles onto their TKC 70s. “There was still a ton of tread and playtime left in both the front and rear tires.”


TKC 70The TKC70 offers impressive grip, both on road and off, in the dry and the wet. It also offers exceptional handling and durability thanks to all of its Continental Core Technologies and radial carcass construction. It represents a great balance between a full off-road knobbie and a mostly on-road oriented ContiTrailAttack 2.

“With great tread life (even with a fully loaded, heavy, adventure bike) and top-shelf performance, predictability, stability and traction, the TKC 70 could well be one of the best all-round performers either Lisa or I have ever ridden.”

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