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Dream Desert Destination: A Weekend at Get On! ADV Fest Mojave

May 24, 2023

Getting on at Get On! ADV Fest Just over an hour north of the bustling streets of Los Angeles at a remote ranch, overlooked by wind turbine-topped mountains, ADV enthusiasts gather for one of the premier ADV events in the country, Get On! ADV Fest. As the weekend kicks off, hundreds of adventure bikes pass […]

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ABS From Continental: Safety Beyond Tires

May 18, 2023

Technologies Developed by Continental ABS, which stands for Anti-lock Brake System, is a system that controls the braking force applied to the wheels to prevent locking or skidding. Through the use of sensors, it prevents the vehicle from losing control or overturning when braking abruptly. Since you probably associate Continental only with tires, this fact […]

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Do You Mix Track and Road? ContiSportAttack 4 and ContiRaceAttack 2 Street Are For You

April 27, 2023

No Need to Change Tires If you are a cornering enthusiast and you are just starting to take your first steps on track: no, you don’t have to have two different tires. Continental has two options that are suitable for both occasions, providing safe braking, cornering grip and handling control. We are talking about the […]

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Pressure Units Conversion Table: PSI, BAR and kPa

April 19, 2023

How to Calculate the Conversion of Pressure Measurements Keeping the tires of our motorcycle with the right pressure is essential to ride safely. Riding with damaged tires is one of the main causes of accidents, so it is important to know how to take good care of our tires and keep them in good condition […]

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Top 5 2023 Supersport (and Exclusive) Motorcycles Compatible with ContiSportAttack 4

March 31, 2023

ContiSportAttack 4, a Match for the Best Supersports Bikes After 15 years of development and four generations, the ContiSportAttack 4 are positioned as the premium Continental Hypersport tires. They have been on the market for just over two years, and since their launch they have become the favorite of many demanding drivers and track enthusiasts. […]

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GRÜNER BLITZ, the Winning Customized Motorcycle Equipped with Continental

March 17, 2023

ContiSportAttack 4 and ContiTour: Explosive Mix Pepo Rosell, who many of you will know from the drag racing bike La Guapísima, is one of the most recognized bike builders in Europe. His latest preparation has been baptized as GRÜNER BLITZ and is based on a spectacular BMW R 18. Once again, XTR Pepo has chosen […]

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KTM 1290 Super Duke R Equipped with ContiRoadAttack 4: “At the Level of a Supersport Tire with Amazing Mileage”

February 28, 2023

Owner’s Testimonial The protagonist of today’s article is not Continental, it’s one of you. We wanted to talk to one of our users about his experience riding with one of our tires. Our protagonist’s name is Ramón and he has been riding motorcycles for almost 4 decades. After owning all kinds of motorcycles and traveling […]

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Top 7 2023 Bikes for the TKC 70 Rocks

February 22, 2023

Continental TKC 70 Rocks, matching the latest models The TKC 70 Rocks is one of the most popular tires in our catalog. It stands out for its off-road capability compared to the standard 70, however, this does not make it lose versatility or a good performance on road. It is available in a wide range […]

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TKC 70 Rocks Put to the Test in the Desert: Spectacular Photos!

January 31, 2023

By Motoviajeros Magazine It is nothing new to say that the TKC 70 Rocks are the best trail tires we can find in the market. Nor is it a novelty that they are the favorite tires of adventurers. What has left us speechless are these incredible photographs provided by our friends at Motoviajeros. It is […]

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Continental Tires, Maximum Safety in All Weather Conditions, Even in the Winter

January 19, 2023

Technology As a Means of Safety Continental knows that for many of you bad weather is no reason to leave the motorcycle parked, so we prepare our tires with the necessary technology to face rain, wind or freezing temperatures. The engineers working every day in the R&D department at the factory in Korbach, Germany, have […]

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