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V-Twin Visionary: Jeff G. Holt Q & A

May 23, 2018

Who is Jeff G. Holt? A journalist, builder, BMX racer, entrepreneur, but above all; a true rider. He refers himself as a V-Twin visionary, but Jeff Holt is a lot more than that. At the tender age of 14, Jeff started experimenting, riding and enjoying two wheelers in the form of bicycles. Today, he is […]

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More than Tires: Traffic Sign Assist

May 10, 2018

Continental Motorcycle Safety Technologies: Traffic Sign Assist Welcome to part three of the Continental Motorcycle Safety Technologies series, where the latest motorcycle technologies get created to ensure safety in all riders and accomplish Vision Zero. Make sure to take a look at part one (intelligent ABS) and two (Blind Spot Detection) of the series. These technologies have been developed […]

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Continental Partners with Sturgis Buffalo Chip

May 3, 2018

Official tire of Sturgis Buffalo Chip ® at the 2018 Rally and beyond The Continental Motorcycle Tire Division is excited to announce that it will be partnering with Sturgis Buffalo Chip ® on a three-year agreement. The Buffalo Chip is the largest music festival in motorcycling and it is recognized as the centerpiece of the […]

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More than Tires: Blind Spot Detection System

May 2, 2018 - 1 comment

Continental Motorcycle Safety Technologies: Blind Spot Detection Welcome to part two of the Continental Motorcycle Safety Technologies series, blind spot detection. This series will expose the latest motorcycle technologies from Continental. These technologies maximize safety for all riders and help accomplish Continental’s Vision Zero. These technologies have been developed to support Continental’s worldwide safety campaign, […]

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More than Tires: Intelligent ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)

April 25, 2018

Continental Motorcycle Safety Technologies Did you know that Continental does not only make state of the art tires but also motorcycle electronics and safety systems? The cluster or the ABS on your motorcycle could be made by Continental! Continental is a broad company with many divisions. The Two Wheel department has sub departments that work […]

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Difference Between Tube VS. Tubeless Tire

April 18, 2018

Let’s see what is the difference between a tube and a tubeless tire What is the difference between a tube (TT) and a tubeless(TL) tire? Short answer? An embedded rubber liner on the inside of the tire carcass. The objective of all the materials used on a tire are about improving every performance aspect; the […]

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Continental Riding Tips – Ride Safely

April 11, 2018

Start Right the First Time Experienced riders will tell others that there are two kinds of riders: the ones that have fallen and the ones that will. Having total control while riding is essential to have a fun and safe ride. An effective and comfortable riding position will give the rider confidence and enjoyment. Dangerous […]

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BMW Alpha – The future rides on Continental

April 4, 2018

BMW Alpha: A Two Artists Masterpiece Animals are not often a motorcycle design inspiration. But the BMW Alpha was inspired by the great white shark. It took two brilliant minds to create this fantastic concept, builder/machinist Mark Atkinson from Utah and Mehmet Doruk Erdem, an industrial designer from Istanbul. The ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO was the […]

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Top 5 reasons to get a motorcycle

March 28, 2018 - 2 comments

Save the Motorcycle It’s no secret that the motorcycle market has been going downhill since the 2008 market crash and has recently hit a low plateau. Motorcycle riders are becoming older and older. Manufacturers have had to adapt in pursuit of a new young market: the millennials. Young buyers are just not into bikes like […]

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Tour De France

Continental becomes Le Tour de France official partner

March 21, 2018

Continental and Le Tour de France: When Legends Come Together From 2018 to 2022, Continental will be Le Tour de France’s official partner. All official support cars, vans and motorcycles will be fitted with Continental tires for the duration of Le Tour. For many years, Continental has been supplying the world’s toughest cycle race with […]

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