Why to get a pair of Continental ContiTrailAttack 3

Thanks to research and development work, Continental has come up with a range of the best tires for each specific type of adventure use. Off-road enthusiasts have the TKC 80, while for mixed-use, there are the TKC 70 and TKC 70 Rocks. The ContiTrailAttack 3 is a clear standout option for riders looking for even more asphalt capabilities without sacrificing off-road possibilities.  If you aren’t familiar with the TrailAttack 3, after reading these key features, you won’t be able to resist trying out a set!

1. Expertise: Third generation

The ContiTrailAttack family was first released in 2007 with a second-generation rolling out in 2012.  Ongoing research, improvements, tweaks, and

developments by Continental’s Korbach-based engineers, led to the release of the ContiTrailAttack 3 in 2019.  After more than 10 years of development, this third-generation mixed-use further consolidated Continental’s lead in the adventure tire market.

2. Advanced technology applied

For its design and construction, Continental’s Next-Generation Core Technologies play a big part in the ongoing improvements featured in the ContiTrailAttack 3, including:

  • MultiGrip: This is a compound vulcanized at different temperatures that provides more resistance/strength in the central tread area to endure for miles so it doesn’t “wear down”.
  • TractionSkin: prevents the tire from “skidding” when it is freshly installed. The initial running-in of the tire is eliminated by providing it with a “micro-rough” surface, thus making it the safest tire from the start.
  • ZeroDegree: this technology optimizes impact absorption and guarantees the user extreme stability at high speeds.
  • RainGrip: This exclusive Continental compound gives the tire more grip on wet or slippery surfaces, also increasing mileage.

Thanks to the combination of all these technologies and the reliability of a product made in Germany, a ContiTrailAttack 3 has been obtained with excellent lifetime performance. So much so that even after thousands of miles, they are still fully usable. In addition, the rider has a tire she can trust right from the start, since the warm-up time is very short and the tire can be operated at full performance from the first mile and a half.

3. Developed and made in Germany

The ContiTrailAttack 3 are developed and manufactured in Germany’s Korbach factory, the famous ContiDrom development center, and tested on the fast German autobahns. At Continental’s Engineering Center, more than 1,000 scientists, designers and engineers are dedicated to inventing, developing and testing with the goal of achieving the performance that every user is looking for.

4. EasyHandling, the last rabbit pulled out of the hat

Of all the technologies presented by Continental in the ContiTrailtAttack 3, EasyHandling is the one that stands out the most. It offers improved handling, and provides the tire with greater agility at low speeds, facilitating cornering and minimizing risks in urban driving. The user is able to notice these sensations from the very first moment.

5. The most asphalt-friendly option in the adventure catalog

The ContiTrailAttack 3 is positioned as the most asphalt option for adventure bike lovers, together with the TKC 70, focused on mixed-use, and the TKC 80, which stands out for its excellent off-road performance. In this way, Continental is positioned as the reference for the adventure and touring motorcycle in all its aspects. Its 90% asphalt – 10% off-road conception has been a great success since most travelers do not usually ride on the sand. In addition, the progress of motorcycles forces tire manufacturers to be up to date, they are becoming more powerful and with higher performance, the ContiTrailAttack 3 is up to the requirements of the new Trail models.

6. Sizes: 17″, 19″ and 21″ front and 17″ and 18″ rear tires

With the target market in mind, Continental has focused the development of the ContiTrailAttack 3 on 17″, 19″ and 21″ sizes for the front tires, and 17″ and 18″ sizes options for the rear. In this way, the ContiTrailAttack 3 has enough variety to be compatible with all types of adventure and even sport-touring bikes.

7. Motorrad Test Winner

The ContiTrailAttack 3 also has awards to back up its performance. Just six months after its launch, the tire took first place in the super adventure tire category in MOTORRAD magazine’s six-way comparison test. Continental’s tire achieved the highest score in most individual disciplines and in the overall ranking. Among the test criteria in the road book were handling, rural roads, everyday life and wear.

The ContiTrailAttack 3:  It’s an adventure tire fall all riders – 👇👇👇 Find the right size for your ride at the Continental Motorcycle Fitment Guide.