Continental TKC 70 Rocks and ContiTrailAttack 3 on Benelli Trail Motorcycles

An exciting adventure unfolded in Morocco with Benelli TRK motorcycles equipped with Continental tires. The renowned brand from Pesaro conducted rigorous testing of its latest mid-displacement trail bikes, the TRK 702 and TRK 702 X, traversing various terrains across the African country. To conquer the diverse surfaces encountered, the bikes were fitted with Continental TKC 70 Rocks and ContiTrailAttack 3 tires.

Covering over 2,000 miles of road, dirt tracks, and desert expanses, the journey was led by Artur Aragonés, an experienced road leader from Eutiches Experience. Joining him were Quique Arenas, director of Motoviajeros Magazine, and influential personalities such as DadRider and Aventugas, along with the Benelli team.

Two Multi-Purpose Tires for Optimal Performance

Preparation was key for the Moroccan expedition. The team opted for Continental TKC 70 Rocks on the rugged Benelli TRK 702 X trail bikes, while the ContiTrailAttack 3 tires were chosen for the more asphalt-oriented TRK 702 model. This strategic choice proved effective, with both tire models showcasing their prowess across varied terrains, including roads, dirt trails, and deserts.

The TKC 70 Rocks tires delivered outstanding performance in Morocco. Featuring a specialized compound for enhanced off-road capabilities, these tires impressed on the TRK 702 X, particularly under the skilled guidance of Artur Aragonés, a seasoned Dakar Rally participant and former Spanish Enduro Champion. Despite the rigorous terrain, these tires exhibited remarkable versatility, maintaining grip and durability throughout the journey’s 2,000-mile span.

Mounted on the TRK 702, the ContiTrailAttack 3 tires excelled on asphalt surfaces, demonstrating formidable road grip throughout the expedition. Despite their slightly lesser off-road performance, these tires proved reliable, even during challenging ascents such as the Tizi n’Tichka mountain pass, with elevations reaching up to 7,414 feet. Their versatility provided a superior level of agility, comfort, and precision.

The expedition encountered various weather conditions, including fluctuating temperatures, Moroccan heat, fog, and occasional rain. The final leg of the journey, a seemingly straightforward 430-mile stretch from Erfoud to Nador, posed a significant endurance test due to a relentless nine-hour sandstorm, characterized by strong winds and limited visibility.

Despite these challenges, the adventure in Morocco proved unforgettable, showcasing the exceptional performance of both the Benelli motorcycles and Continental tires across diverse terrains. The captivating images from the TRK 702 Morocco Adventure serve as a testament to the capabilities of Continental tires, this time on Benelli trail models.

Photographs: Quique Arenas and Nano Parody