Trusting In the ContiSportAttack 4

Stunt riding is a discipline that is gaining more and more followers every day, and it’s no wonder: who wouldn’t be fascinated by watching how riders defy the laws of gravity with their motorcycles? The wheelies, acrobatics and inverts are the protagonists of this sport that requires a meticulous technique, practice and, above all, a lot of concentration.

José Ángel Cuadrado (@cuadradostunt) is a stunt enthusiast who, after many years of training, has managed to turn his hobby into his way of life. He has been stunt riding since he was 14 years old and for several years he has trusted Continental to push his Kawasaki to the limit. We talked to him to find out more about this discipline, as well as his experience with our super sporty ContiSportAttack 4 tires.

When did you start to practice stunt?

When I was a kid, I started doing my first tricks on a bike and when I was 14 years old I got my first moped, with which I began to discover my passion for stunt riding. In 2010, with a bigger motorcycle, I started a constant training routine and I managed to have a good level. Before I knew it, I was doing shows, competing and even traveling and working with my bike in many countries.

How many years has it taken you to learn the discipline?

You never stop learning stunt riding. This sport requires constant training and learning. But if we talk about becoming a professional, the first four years were the key to reach a good base and a safe level.

How does your family handle the fact that you practice this discipline, taking into account its risks?

They have always respected me, but it is true that in the beginning they didn’t think it was right that I invested so much time, money, risk… in something that could hurt me. Today they know that this is what makes me happiest and they support, accompany, motivate and help me. I am very lucky with the family and partner I have, despite the risk they are always with me.

Is stunt riding as dangerous as it seems?

Stunt is very dangerous, you can get hurt a lot… we use powerful motorcycles of more than 200 kg in an extreme condition, defying gravity with the figures, etc… but always using your brains. It is necessary to have a physical training, a training routine with the motorcycle, a millimetric control and a proper maintenance of the bike. In addition, we always do it with comfortable and safe equipment, we practice it in appropriate and clean areas and this greatly reduces the risk. Although it looks and feels dangerous, it is practiced in a very safe way.

What is the best thing about stunt riding?

I like the moment when you get to do a new trick and when you meet people with the same passion and they become friends. It is also very rewarding to travel doing what you love and make people happy with what you do, and above all, when you see that they value your work and effort.

And the worst thing?

When they try to take advantage of your illusion, injuries, the costs involved, the few safe and legal places to train, there are very few championships… but even so we never lose our passion.

How do you keep innovating your tricks? What is there left to discover in stunt?

I don’t give up, I like to improve and get new tricks, to perfect my riding motivates me a lot. There are still a lot of new tricks and styles to discover.

What bikes do you use for your shows?

The bike I use the most and my favorite is the Kawasaki Ninja 636, although it is not the only one I use in my shows, for example, I also have a beautiful vintage style Mutt 250, a RMZ 250 that I use for Frontflip (360), a Suzuki GSX R for drifting or a quad LTR 450.

And for street?

I don’t have a street motorcycle at the moment, I want to keep my license (laughs). I train in a safe area, let off steam, release all the adrenaline, and for now that’ s enough.

Why did you choose Continental? How do the ContiSportAttack 4 behave?

Continental is a good brand, it’s reliable, safe and durable. The ContiSportAttack 4 tires work very well for me in both dry and wet conditions. The front tire gives me a lot of security and the rear tire makes it easy for me to go to the limit. I’m safe even with the kind of riding I do in this discipline. It also helps me to improve and makes it easier for me to do tricks where I need a lot of grip. The truth is that I get very good performance out of them.

Do you use any other Continental tires?

I have also tried the ContiRoadAttack 3 and they were great. I would highlight their grip on all types of asphalt.

What do you value most in a stunt tire?

That they grip, that they last, that they don’t break and, above all, that I feel safe when I go to the limit.

All About the ContiSportAttack 4

The ContiSportAttack 4 are street tires but also suitable for use on the track for all those enthusiasts who want to have their first contact with the circuit. In fact, it can be said that they are the previous step to a track tire. Their main feature is the introduction of BlackChili, Continental’s patented compound that is manufactured exclusively in the Korbach factory and combines polymers with black carbon particles and filler materials. BlackChili offers high grip rates even in cold temperatures, with rapid warm-up. It gives the rider maximum performance from his tires by allowing high lean even in situations of maximum stress for the tire.

These tires have been awarded several times by industry specialists after having been tested. It has been awarded the “best buy” label in a comparison carried out by the prestigious German magazine MO or the best score in the tire comparison carried out by the Austrian magazine Motorrad Magazin.