More Than a Century As a Leader in Innovation

Last week, the Milan Motorcycle Show was held, the appointment par excellence for motorcycle enthusiasts. Of course, Continental could not miss it and displayed more than a century of technological innovation. EICMA 2023 has become a showcase for our latest solutions and cutting-edge products for two-wheelers, and we’re not just talking about tires! As a leader in the motorcycle industry for more than a century, we at Continental wanted to highlight our commitment to future technologies at this edition.

Since Continental was founded more than 150 years ago, we have been adapting to market and technological transformations, but always maintaining our leadership in the drive for technological progress. We have pioneered breakthroughs that have shaped the future of motorcycles, and this year we wanted to showcase some of these projects.

Let’s start with what we like the most in this blog: tires. Throughout all these years, Continental tires have been and are synonymous with the highest quality and technology. At this year’s stand, there was no shortage of the latest additions to our catalog, the hyper-touring ContiRoadAttack 4 and the super sporty ContSportAttack 4.

The ContiRoadAttack 4 has been created for sport touring bikes, offering excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions, high mileage and agile handling. Meanwhile, the ContiSportAttack 4, which comes standard on the KTM 1290 Super Duke GT, booth out for its maximum grip, performance and GripLimitFeedback technology to increase rider confidence when cornering.The range is completed by the TKC 70 Rocks, which offers riders more off-road traction combined with the excellent on-road performance of a TKC 70.

Continental’s cutting-edge technologies

But as we said, this is not the only thing on display at Continental’s booth during EICMA 2023, but we was also showing some of our most important technological developments:

  • MultiViu Sports Display Technology Platform: Continental continues its legacy of innovation with this high-performance display platform tailored for motorcycles. MultiViu Sports uses car-quality technology to deliver crisp TFT images and an unparalleled visual experience. The highlight is total flexibility, as motorcycle manufacturers can customize the displays according to their preferences, including sizes, aspect ratios and design styles.
  • Connected Infotainment Box (CIB): This connected infotainment box brings smart mobility to motorcycles. It enables Internet connectivity without relying on an active smartphone, improving battery life and safe riding. The CIB offers features such as rider-to-rider communication and wireless updates, increasing convenience and safety while riding.
  • Twin Motor Control (TMC): Continental addresses the challenge of motorcycle automation with its innovative Twin Motor Control (TMC) unit, measuring just 5in x 2in x 4in. This unit streamlines the starting and shifting processes, ensuring smooth riding and precise torque adjustment. Based on an adaptable printed circuit board, it is tailored to customer specifications, allowing for easy customization. Despite automation, riders retain full control of their riding, reinforcing the riding experience.
  • Continental Electronic Braking Systems: With more than 20 years of experience in electronic braking systems, Continental offers advanced braking systems that improve control and safety on motorcycles based on ABS technology. Its motorcycle anti-lock braking system (MAB) ensures optimum braking control, increasing riding safety. Furthermore, with the innovative MK 100 MAB PYA, Continental is leading a new era of ABS by integrating a new type of inertial sensor into the ABS circuit board, eliminating the need for a separate inertial measurement unit. This breakthrough translates into greater safety and convenience. Visitors to the booth will also be able to explore the motorcycle Hold and Go system (MHG) or the optimized Cornering Braking (oCB) system.
  • Advanced Rider Assistance Systems (ARAS): Other systems highlighted by Continental include Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Blind Spot Detection (BSD), among others. Once again, these systems enhance driver safety and comfort, ensuring a safer riding experience.