ContiRoadAttack 3 press presentation in Spain

The award winning ContiRoadAttack 3 was reviewed by Riders Domain Magazine; one of many invited to Majorca, Spain to test the new sport-touring tire. Riders Domain contributing Editor and tester Wes Hawkins, had the chance to ride top motorcycles like the BMW R nineT and the Yamaha MT-09 (FZ-09 in America) to explore the feedback and characteristics from the Continental tires. The objective of the new tire is to improve from its predecessor by having better wet-condition performance, mileage and handling. Hawkins also approved the new tread design. “They went away from the shark fin look and now, in my opinion, I think it looks a little more aggressive”, he said.

The new drainage pattern and RainGrip technology incorporated in the ContiRoadAttack 3 allow for better water displacement and road contact than ever before without compromising dry grip. The rain gods were too good to Majorca and riders were not able to experience this technology, instead it was a beautiful sunny day with perfect weather for the winding roads.

Thanks to the nice conditions, Hawkins was able to explore the MultiGrip and TractionSkin technologies, to which he quickly felt poised. “Already I’m feeling comfortable on these tires. We just barely hopped on the bike, we don’t have very many miles on them yet, but I’m feeling comfortable, I’m feeling confident”, said the editor.

Hawkins praised the ContiRoadAttack 3 for being very consistent, predictable and confidence inspiring despite the handling characteristics of two different bikes. “I started on the MT-09 and now I’m on the BMW R nineT. I’ve got to say the tire is consistent. Yeah, it’s a different bike but I feel the same amount of confidence that I did on the MT-09 as far as trusting the tires, how far I can throw them in the turn and how fast I can take a turn. I think that goes to show that this tire can handle all the applications it was designed for. Confidence inspiring tires I think is the best description so far”, he added. This feeling of ease is also thanks to the latest EasyHandling technology, which combines the quick turn-in found in hard tires and the straight-line performance with great stability found in a soft tire.

Hawkins and all the riders invited were impressed and pleased with the new tire’s performance and assured Continental was going in the right direction to challenge the best in the market. “They’re not doing anything weird, they’re tracking straight, the handling has been phenomenal and I think overall it’s a success. It’s going to be a go-to tier for anybody wanting to sport tour on their bike. And for a rider like me, I like to ride fast, I like to push it. This is a tire for my type of riding. It’s also good for riders like me that hate to change tires. Continental came out and improved on their already awesome platform”, Hawkins concluded.

With a wide range of sizes available, this tire has been designed for enthusiast and motorcycles that are able to push the limits of a tire. With the new ContiRoadAttack 3; confidence comes standard and right from the get go.

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