The ContiRoadAttack 3 thrives through the twisties and daily roads

ContiRoadAttack 3

Motojournalist Mark Hearon from BMW MOA, tested the halo sport-touring tire during 1,500-miles of riding. Hearon praised the ContiRoadAttack 3 for transmitting more feel to the rider than the previously mounted Michelin Pilot Road 4. The superior differences became apparent in a matter of moments after riding with the new Continental Tire. Hearon rated the BMW R 1200 RS OE Michelins handling as muted and sure footed when compared with the ContiRoadAttack 3.

It didn’t take long for Hearon to notice a big handling difference after riding the RoadAttack 3. “I didn’t realize how much of the sport experience I was missing while riding my local twisties… they do indeed inspire a degree of confidence.”

“Until the ContiRoadAttack 3 tires got slipped on, terms like “neutral” and “planted” didn’t carry much meaning for me. Whether traveling at 60 mph on the highway or 130 mph on an abandoned backroad, the tires feel the same”.

Thanks to the increased stability the ContiRoadAttack 3, Hearon was able to reach higher corner entry speeds, easier tip-in judgement & earlier/harder throttle inputs on corner exit. “Getting on the throttle earlier (and harder) is something I’ve found myself doing more frequently as I simply have had little reason to doubt the tire’s ability to carry me through.”

When riding on daily roads, the ContiRoadAttack 3 only enhanced the performance and riding experience of the rider. “They’ve made every part of my normal riding schema more enjoyable.”

Cold Weather? No problem

Hearon was also able to test the tires under 24 degree cold weather. Thanks to core technologies like TractionSkin and RainGrip, the halo sport-touring tire exceeded expectations.“Traction seems to not be an issue on cold pavement. The increased feel (I keep going back to that, don’t I?) would indicate a tendency to foreshadow any squirrelly happenings with greater transparency. I felt no such tendency with these tires-score.”

Tire Wear

For this test, it was also important to measure tread life and overall tire wear even though the review only covered 1,500 miles. “What center tread wear I have noticed has been minimal. At 1,500 miles, the tire profile does not appear to be squaring off.”


These were some of Hearon’s favorite ContiRoadAttack 3 characteristics:

  • Enhanced feel compared to another leading ST tire
  • quick turn-in/lively handling
  • emphasizes the “Sport” in sport touring

For a more detailed review, please visit Mark Hearon original BMW MOA Review.