Motorcycle media agencies and personalities including Riders Domain Magazine, were taken to Majorca, Spain to experience Continental’s new ContiTour cruiser tires along with other Continental products. Riders Domain Editor Weston Hawkins praised the tire for a connected feel to the road, good transition into corners, low speed and evasive maneuver handling. The magazine has labeled the new ContiTour tire as “The perfect companion for your next journey”.

Journalists had the opportunity to ride through the beautiful coast side of the island of Majorca and test the durability, consistency and effortless handling of the ContiTour tire when paired with a heavy cruiser motorcycle like the Harley-Davidson Electra Glide (almost 900 lbs.). Testers highlighted the MileagePlus compound and MaxComfort technologies integrated in the ContiTour.

The media present at the event received an explanation on the production process behind all of our tires and what they go through before becoming a final product. A big part of Continental’s success and tire quality merit is due to rigorous testing and quality regulations in order to provide the consumer with the best product available. Demanding wet handling tests in variable damp and very wet conditions while cornering, acceleration and braking are performed to meet the highest standards in the industry. All this testing plays a big role in the development of our revolutionizing core technologies integrated in a majority of our tires, as we test our compounds and tread design to improve tire safety, performance and durability.

Hawkins was impressed with the ContiTour for its easy handling capabilities, something he didn’t expect. “I don’t normally ride bikes this big, but the tire made this bike feel very manageable and easy to handle. I never had a concern of having enough grip or sticking to the road no matter what the road conditions were.” he said.

A tire technology riders could not explore thanks to clear skies was WetTraction. Integrated in both the ContiTour and the classic looking ContiLegend with its whitewall, WetTraction consists of a high performance tread pattern designed for better drainage and traction when riding on wet conditions. Every rider got to enjoy a tight twisty and smooth road along the coast line with a spectacular scenery, perfect for a freedom sensation. “I felt confident in the corners. The profile of this tire felt right. It didn’t unexpectedly fall over but when you wanted to lay it over it was ready and willing. It held its line all the way through a turn and found center very quickly and easily when you were ready.” said Hawkins.

On other not so nicely paved roads, the ContiTour was able to also hold its own and exceed expectations. “On some of the less maintained roads I found the tire very surprising. It didn’t wander at all and while I was being cautious with the conditions it gave me no reason to doubt its integrity or performance. On some of the tighter switchback roads we’d sometimes get a baseball sized rock or two in the road and I was able to avoid those without any issues at all.” said the editor.

Overall, the ContiTour impressed greatly and is rapidly becoming a top choice in the segment. Riders Domain Magazine contributing Editor Weston Hawkins had only good things to conclude about the new cruiser tire.

“I definitely feel like this is a huge move in the right direction for Continental. I found absolutely no issues with handling.”

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The ContiTour is Built to Ride!

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