The best tires for adventuring coast to coast!

The itch to adventure has been crawling down your back for weeks. An itch to discover the open road, sites unseen and the small town gems around the country.  You desire to be amazed by new culture, monuments and all the strange wonders found throughout the United States. You’re a motorcyclist so you plan to spurn the 4-wheel gas guzzler for the 2-wheel freedom along the trip. Like other motorcycle enthusiast preparing for trips is one aspect that sometimes seems quit problematic, specially as to which tires to mount.  Continuing reading as we try to alleviate stress and inform you which tire is the best for what riding conditions.

Disclaimer alert, choosing the best tire depends on the motorcycle model, nature of the trip, types of roads, riding style and many other variables. Consult your favorite Continental dealer for help answering these questions and any others you may have prior to hitting the road. Now lets dive deeper into each Continental Motorcycle tire model…

ContiRoadAttack 3

The ContiRoadAttack 3 has emerged as one of the most successful and best-known sport-touring tires on the market. In the last few years, this third generation has been fighting against its competitors and it has been able to win in different tests and comparisons made by specialists. Check out reviews that are published in media such as Motorrad Magazine and Mopedreifen. Certainly a smart option due to the versatility, performance and handling the tire gives. Not to mention the capability to serve as a day to day tire racking up miles while still performing just as it did those first few miles.

ContiRoadAttack 3 is the tire used in some cyclist events like the Spanish La Vuelta on the organization motorcycles, reflecting the high level of its performance.

Due to its characteristics, the brand has several measures compatible with most and different types of motorcycles: 17″, 18″ and 19″ front and 17″ and 18″ rear. There is a ’GT’ version with a more resistant housing and designed for the heaviest touring motorcycles on the market.

It is your tire if, as well as motorcycle trips on paved roads, you are available to use it in commuter duties or even for sport style.

ContiTrailAttack 3

The ContiTrailAttack 3 has just arrived on the market, a tire that has triumphed after raising high expectations. It is a third generation that brings the latest brand core technologies for trail and maxi-trail motorcycle users. It has been specifically designed for this kind of motorcycles with a great height, heavy and high performance. Once again, the brand has made a winner of some comparatives such as the one made by Motorrad. As journalists and clients could see in their international presentation in Greece, the ContiTrailAttack 3 is mainly for asphalt, although it allows you to ride in some easy off-road tracks.

It’s directed on trail and maxitrail motorcycles, so there are measures available in 17, 19 and 21″ in front and 17 and 18″ rear.

It is your tire if you have a trail or maxi-trail motorcycle and your rides are 90% on asphalt roads.

TKC 70

After several years in the market, the Continental TKC 70 has become one of the tires with the best reputation. Its versatility is one of the reasons for its success, but even more due to its great performance on all surfaces. Definitely it’s not the perfect tire for extreme sport riding on asphalt nor hard enduro, but the TKC 70 surprisingly offers a high level of confidence on all types of roads. Therefore, it is already a favorite between the trail lovers who travel through a vast variety of roads as well as do not be afraid of entering in off-road tracks. The 2 Ride the World travelers have experienced this.

The TKC 70 is available in 17, 18, 19 and 21″ for the front wheel and 17 and 18″ for the rear, because it is aimed at a wide variety of motorcycles such as old or retro motorcycles and trail and maxi-trail bikes.

It is your tire if you have a trail or maxi-trail motorcycle for your trips, you travel on very different types of roads with variable grip and you also want to have confidence to face long stretches on off-road tracks with great solvency.

TKC 80

Some people think of Continental tires and bring their minds the TKC 80 picture. Its robust and attractive design has made it famous and many have chosen it for custom works that make it gain aggressiveness. However, let’s not forget its incredible features: Its studs and the pattern design makes it to be considered as an off-road tire, with high capacities to face country tracks of different difficulty. You can think in riding the dunes of Morocco. However, as we could see in some of the 2 Ride the World trips, it is a tire that is perfectly usable on asphalt. Unlike specific knobby-tires for off-road, this model offers an unusual confidence when riding on paved roads.

The TKC 80 is available for many types of motorcycles, with measures in 17, 19 and 21″ in front and 17 and 18″ behind.

It is your tire if you do a lot of off-road riding (not hard enduro) with a trail or maxi-trail motorcycle, but you also need confidence, performance and durability to ride paved roads.


There are many lovers of motorcycle trips and motorcycling that prefers custom and cruiser motorcycles. For this majestic motorcycles you can choose the ContiTour tire, the latest evolution that adds the MileagePlus core technology that helps to enlarge its durability. It has a central slick band helping to increase its mileage while the drawing has been optimized to evacuate water in case of rain.

The ContiTour is available in sizes 16, 17, 18, 19 and 21″ in front and 15, 16, 17 and 18″ rear due to the wide variety of measures offered in this segment.

It is your tire if you have a custom or cruiser motorcycle, perfect for your motorcycle trips or even for your normal use.


The ContiLegend is a recent tire introduced and aimed at classic custom and cruiser motorcycles. Due to its carcass construction, it allows to cope with the heavy weight of this type of motorcycle. It seeks to make easier the rideability of these colossal motorcycles. In addition, it offers more comfort and a state-of-art performance. It also adds MileagePlus technology to increase its durability in addition to a pattern design designed to optimize drainage. All these advances make it perfect for nostalgic people who want to do motorcycle trips and tours with their classic motorcycles in a safe and elegant way, because it shows a white side band.

The ContiLegend is offered in sizes 16, 17 and 18″ in front and 16 ″ in rear.

It is your tire if you have a classic custom or cruiser motorcycle or you just want to bring an elegant retro touch to your motorcycle without refusing to enjoy the current technologies.