ContiRoadAttack 3, once again chosen as one of the best sport-touring motorcycle tires

The online German dealer recently tested the latest tires as they usually do every season. For this year’s test they chose the latest sport-touring tires, taking their experienced test riders to Murcia, Spain to ride four BMW S 1000 XR models equipped with these tires: Bridgestone T31, Metzeler Roadtec 01, Michelin Road 5 and, of course, our Continental ContiRoadAttack 3. They rode almost 1000 miles for six days on a variety of roads including a kart track.

To be honest, guys of Mopedreifen don’t want to say which one is the winner in this comparison as all these tires performed really well. But there were small differences that proclaimed the CRA3 as the top tire in its class. Let’s see how the RoadAttack 3 performed in these different categories.


The ContiRoadAttack 3 was considered the best in terms of confidence by all the riders. Definitely, its TractionSkin technology helps to ensure a safe and short run-in time, so the riders got used to them very quickly.

Dry grip

The level of grip is very similar between all competitors and the Road Attack 3 performed exceptionally well in this category. Good job, MultiGrip technology! Even in the most extreme lean angles, it can mantain the top cornering speed, only feeling the traction control working in the last moments. You can see on the rubber how it has worked. All the riders agreed that the Continental is the one on the top of the podium.


The majority of the competitors are on the same top level, but they considered ContiRoadAttack 3 as one of the two best tires in terms of stability. The ZeroDegree steel belt construction enhances this.

Stability when riding with a passenger

The CRA 3 gathered a good result in this field getting the second place, with good stability and remarkable control in braking despite the additional weight.

Inherent damping

This refers the relationship between the tire and the ground, the feeling of the rider and how the tire performs following the direction in different asphalt conditions. The ContiRoadAttack 3 was considered one of the best adapting itself to the potholes and the imperfections of the road with a great result. About this feeling, the brand new GripLimitFeedback technology has been a key feature of the CRA 3.

Riding comfort

Again, the CRA 3 gets the second position, now in terms of riding comfort, one of the most important features a sport-touring rider thinks about.

Wet and cold grip

Thanks to the RainGrip technology, the ContiRoadAttack 3 is one of the most effective tires when riding in wet and cold conditions.


In this case, they had a good former experience with the Road Attack 3 getting a good mileage on a powerful KTM 1290 Super Duke R, almost the 2200 miles got by the 01.