• We choose three of the best custom motorcycles you can find in the market this year.

  • The latest ContiTour and ContiLegend tires are the best options for custom and cruiser motorcycles.

We must confess: We love custom bikes! These motorcycles may not be the fastest, the most agile or the lightest. We don’t care! On the other hand, they are strong, convincing, loud, brutal and beautiful. We don’t need anything else to enjoy a fascinating ride while the engine rumbles and the wind blows in your face. That’s a feeling of true freedom!

Some people may think they are old-fashioned, but motorcycle manufacturers have done a fantastic job of incorporating new technologies into classic designs. Awhile ago we talked about top rides for your custom motorcycle and now we are going to take a look at some of the best custom motorcycles available today. We’re pretty sure they can fit your tastes and needs.

Before that, it’s important to remind you that Continental offers a brand new range of custom bike tires, such as the ContiTour, a modern custom tire for cruisers and heavy touring bikes, and the ContiLegend, the classic custom whitewall tire option. More info:

Harley-Davidson Sport Glide

A brand like Harley-Davidson couldn’t miss this ranking. We consider the new Harley-Davidson Sport Glide as one of their most important models this year as it is completely new. It is equipped with the famous Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine, new suspension, the new Softail frame, detachable locking saddlebags and mini-fairing and an aggressive general style. Furthermore, you will enjoy technologies like a LED front light, a USB port and a keyless ignition system.

Harley-Davidson Sport Glide





Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

We think it’s one of the most beautiful custom bikes of the year. The Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster enters this season with a revamped design that makes this model the new British classic custom icon. The Speedmaster features a 1200 cc parallel twin engine pumping out 106 Nm of torque at 4000 RPM- up 42% over previous Speedmaster models. The new Speedmaster mixes the classic Bonneville DNA, the Bobber attitude and different distinctive custom details with elegant style, premium finishes and twin or single seat set-ups. Despite the heritage look, it has high specification brakes and suspension, and it includes state-of-the-art technology such as full-LED headlight, ride-by-wire system, ABS, traction control, two riding modes, cruise control and the best ergonomic and comfort features like the torque-assist clutch.

Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

Moto Guzzi Audace

Italian style is represented by the Moto Guzzi Audace, a model that shows a charismatic personality in all its details. The bike has a extended and comfortable riding position, a drag-bar handlebar and muscular lines. The powerful V-Twin is capable of taking you where you want very softly with a ride-by-wire system. All the modern electronics such as three engine modes, traction control and cruise control. With no doubt, the Audace is one of the most authentic and unique options in the current custom range.

Which one would you ride?

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  1. Five BEST motorcycles? Really?? Best for whom?

    I have eight motorcycles, which me and my friends like the most, and none of them are the same as the five that you said are the best. Not everyone wants to ride a cruiser.

    1. Hello Philip,
      They are five of the best CUSTOM bikes, not in general.
      It is a difficult task, beacause it is a matter of taste, but, anyway, hope you like our selection!

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