Amazing rides on a custom bike

One of the best pleasures for a rider is to travel on your motorcycle. Such a great experience is even more special when riding a custom bike. On a motorcycle, you can really feel the freedom and the enjoyment of the ride and the beauty of the different landscapes you see throughout the journey. No hurry; no set time to get your destination. Just the goal of enjoying the ride alone or with a friend.

Experience the sights and unique sound of your custom motorcycle and plan one of the next routes we have chosen for you. Apart from the typical rides on the legendary Route 66, there are a lot of unforgettable roads and places you should know.

Furthermore, remember your custom motorcycle can be equipped with the brand new custom tire models. They have been specially designed for V-twin big motorcycles and the latest Continental Core Technologies have been implemented for a great performance:

Beartooth Pass

This road is full of adventure available for you and your big custom bike, of course. Ups and downs are the main attraction of the Beartooth Pass, but also be sure to take a moment to view the amazing mountains, rivers and forests. It is very popular with drivers as well, so you will see many cars and bikes. Get ready for the roller coaster!

Needles Highway

If you are a frequent visitor of the Sturgis Bike Week Rally, you should know the Needles Highway. It is chosen by a lot of bikers from the south to get to Sturgis because it seems it was made for motorbikes. The scenary is awesome, with high granite ‘needles’ everywhere. You will ride through two stunning tunnels made inside the granite walls called Iron Creek Tunnel and Needles Eye Tunnel and the ride is amazing! If you are lucky, you will see deer and antelope. Look out!

Route 50, The George Washington Highway

What we like the most are twists and turns. Despite riding big and heavy custom bikes, they are our most fun places to ride. Take Route 50, the George Washington Highway, and you will find many beautiful spots to stop, take pictures and relax. The road touches the north of Monongahela National Forest and you should plan a stop in the beautiful Cathedral State Park, which is along the way.

Tail of the Dragon, Deal’s Gap, North Carolina

It is difficult to say which is the best motorcycle and car road… But if we talk about 318 curves in just 11 miles with an excellent name like the Tail of the Dragon, it is definitely one of the top candidates. Don’t you think? It crosses the souteastern part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where the ride is fabulous and has been chosen to shoot many films and TV shows. If you like dark stories, stop in the ‘Tree of Shame’. It is just a tree but with crashed bike parts and helmets dangled from their branches. It became a kind of a monument since the late 80’s. We hope you don’t need to add any part…

Tunnel of Trees Road

As you can imagine, the forest is the main characher in the Tunnel of Trees road. It is quite close to the famous Mackinac Island and you will enjoy a ride  following the shoreline ofLake Michigan through a dense forest. You will be stunned by spectacular views and colors, especially during the autumn season.

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  1. Two of my favorites are;
    Iron Mountain Road in the Custer State Park; check out the “Pigtail Bridges”
    “Going To The Sun Road” in Glacier National Park

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