2017 is an exciting year for Continental with the launch of several new tire products: ContiRoadAttack 3, ContiTour and ContiLegend.  So, to kick off the introduction of these tires, Continental organized a product launch in Mallorca – an island off the Eastern coast of Spain. In the small town of Alaro, industry VIPs from around the world met to learn more about the technical aspects of the tires and get actual first-hand knowledge of the superior qualities of the tires by riding around the narrow, winding streets of the island of Mallorca.

We all gathered at a 500 year old secluded olive farm turned hotel called S’ Olivaret which provided breath-taking views and a central location for the best in winding mountain-pass roads. Here, the VIPs dined on great Spanish cuisine (Tapas) and spent the first day in break-out sessions with Continental staff learning the finer technical aspects of the new Conti tires.

The next day was the day everyone was looking forward to: riding! After breakfast, the VIPs headed off to the parking lot where they were met by over 40 motorcycles to choose from including: Ducati, BMW, Honda, Yamaha, KTM and Harley Davidson – all equipped with the new Continental tires: ContiRoadAttack 3 (Sport Touring), ContiTour (Cruiser) and ContiLegend (Cruiser).

Once on the road, we headed out of town and towards our pre-determined route, which was a large loop covering a large portion of the mountainous Western region and including the coast. Riding in Mallorca was such a blast.  Mallorca has rich history that dates back to the “BC” times with Moorish and Roman influences, so the landscape and architecture is unlike anything in the USA. So, basically, we were the “rubberneck riders” as we rode past centuries-old olive farms with miles upon miles of terraced rock walls.  Also, old homes made of rock all connected with narrow, winding roads designed for horse carts, cyclists and Smart cars.

The riding day included several stops at mountain-top coffee houses and scenic mountains, as well as, coastal vistas.  The views were breathtaking and many a selfie were taken.

As we made our way through the countryside, from one small village to the next, we realized three things: (1) that Mallorca is a vacation destination with seemingly endless tour busses filled with European tourists around almost every turn; (2) that most of the European cycling teams and cycling tourists have chosen the streets and roads of Mallorca as their winter training grounds; and (3) we, atop of our trusty steeds shod with the new Conti Tires, were the “Kings of the Road”!  All these three things combined to make it one very fun and exhilarating adventure as we made death-defying passes around blind curves just to “keep up with the pack”. And it didn’t hurt that we saw absolutely not one police car nor speed camera the whole time! And besides, would a speeding ticket from Mallorca ever make it back to your record in the USA? I mean, c’mon!

The ride to our lunch destination was particularly exhilarating as we enjoyed high speeds turns as we descended the Sierra de Tramuntana down to the coast of Northwest Mallorca and into a beautiful bay called Port Soller. It was very stunning, but actually what you’d expect from an ancient Spanish island in the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, it was too early in the season to go swimming.

The rest of the day was filled with no less scenery, no less exhilarating riding and no less amazement of how well the new ContiRoadAttack 3 tires performed. As someone who has spent most of his riding time in the dirt, I was definitely impressed at how confidence-inspiring these tires are. Right at the beginning I could tell that these tires would not let me down. They just gripped like they had teeth – even over wet conditions.  With the increased confidence, easy handling tech and pre-broken in tread surface the ContiRoadAttack 3 tires took me to a higher level of performance of a more experienced rider.  More confidence + more stability = MORE FUN.  And yes, we did ride down this road….

As the sun dropped down around the island, we rolled back into the S’ Olivaret parking lot worn out from a long day of riding, but exhilarated from the combination of scenery, Spanish tapas, winding roads and street bikes mounted with the best touring and sport-touring tires for 2017: The ContiRoadAttack 3, the ContiTour and the ContiLegend.