Who is Jeff G. Holt?

Jeff Holt A journalist, builder, BMX racer, entrepreneur, but above all; a true rider. He refers himself as a V-Twin visionary, but Jeff Holt is a lot more than that. At the tender age of 14, Jeff started experimenting, riding and enjoying two wheelers in the form of bicycles. Today, he is known all over the V-twin community for his charisma, knowledge and experience.

Here are 11 questions that will help you get to know Jeff Holt better:

How did your history around motorcycles begin?

“My foray into motorcycling was very ironic. I was forbidden to ride a motorcycle as a kid due to the fact that my father was severely injured in a motorcycle accident when I was five years old. But in typical Jeff Holt fashion, you cannot forbid me to do something as I will make it my life’s work to do it. And I have literally done that.”

What was your most rookie mistake while riding a bike/ funny anecdote?

“Not paying real attention to the road and the others on it and riding above my abilities. My first chopper was a rigid Harley-Davidson Shovelhead with no front brake and a jockey shifter. With this set up the clutch is activated with your right foot and you shift with your right hand while working the throttle with your left hand. Well, I went on my first long ride on it and coming back home I was a bit tired. While waiting for a stop light to turn green I accidentally slipped the clutch while the bike was in gear. My chopper shot out from under me and “ghost rode” itself for about 60 feet into a Christmas tree farm where it came to rest underneath a tree like it was a Christmas present. And it didn’t have a scratch on it.”

What are your top tips for beginners?

  1. Be patient while riding because it never pays to be in a hurry.
  2. Always imagine that everyone else on the road is out to get you. That way you are always on the defensive.
  3. No matter how cool you think you are, wear a helmet.
  4. Have fun and see new places. That’s what motorcycles are for!

Did you always like bikes?

“Yes. Since I first saw a real biker in the 1970’s with a beard and tattoos rolling down the streets of Southern California I was hooked.”

What other hobbies do enjoy?

“Since I was forbidden to ride a bike as a child I rode and raced BMX, Mountain and Road bicycles. And that still continues to this day. I also build and collect vintage 1970’s and 80’s BMX bikes.”

If money wasn’t an issue, name your top 5 bikes.

  1. 1916 Harley 8-Valve Racer
  2. 1920’s Harley-Davidson FHAD
  3. 1941 Harley-Davidson WR
  4. 1994 Harley-Davidson VR100
  5. 1936 Harley-Davidson EL Knucklehead

How much of a difference do you think tires make on a bike?

“Tires make all the difference. They are what connects the bike (and you) to the road.
Tires are also one of the most overlooked performance items on a motorcycle because are tunable (just by adding or decreasing air) to your individual weight, riding style, and riding needs.”

How has your experience with Continental tires been?

“It has been great. I have been lucky enough to have been all over the world testing and riding Continental tires. I have mostly been impressed with the engineering behind Continental tire’s casings as well as the rubber compounds that both wear well and perform good. And that is a hard combination to achieve. Hell, I like them so much that I even have Conti tires on all my 4-wheeled machines as well.”

What was your first bike?

“It was a 1962 Vespa GS 160 Series 1”

What lead you to focus on the V-twin category?

“I just really gravitated toward it. I grew up an Orange County, California punk rock kid getting tattoos and being on the wrong side of the law at a young age. Once I started riding and working on Harleys it got me on the right track because it never left me with an any money or time to get into drugs or other trouble.”

Describe your perfect day riding a motorcycle? Bike, route, company….

Perfect short ride: Living in Los Angeles you have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat the traffic on the fun roads like Angeles Crest Highway. Sven on the weekends. But I like the calmness of the highway when most others are still sleeping. Plus I get to jam through the twisties and test the limits of my latest bike builds.”

“Perfect long ride: Riding to Sturgis from LA round trip with people that have never done the ride. The range of emotions makes it a real adventure indeed. Its just so cool to see the excitement they have for the open road. Then that excitement fades when fatigue sets in or there are any roadside repairs that need to be done. The triumph of making it to Sturgis is always the pinnacle of the trip for the newbies. Then we party for a week and then ride home, which is a whole other adventure!”

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