We have come up with a new way of communicating with all the riders and motorcycle enthusiasts. As you should know, tires are the only two points of contact between the bike and the road; therefore we believe tires deserve a special place to widely discuss everything related with them and much more!

This idea is embedded in our new ContiMoto USA Blog, a platform where we hope to engage with the motorcycle community about the latest themes related around Continental Motorcycle Tires. As the 4th largest tire manufacturer in the world, our aim for this blog is to educate and inform the consumer about a range of motorcycle related topics and tires. No, this is not a public blog. Inside this new blog, we will try to go over technical tires concerns, which are very important but unknown to many. We will also discuss other motorbike concepts such as: news, maintenance, events, stories, riding techniques, handling and technologies.

Ultimately, we would like this blog to be an entertaining and interesting place for all motorcycle users in which they can learn and provide feedback on the topics published by commenting their thoughts and experiences.

Follow Continental along this journey, a brand that started innovating since 1871.

ContiMoto USA Blog: www.contimotousablog.com

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