What is an Iron Butt Challenge?

It is very simple; jump on your motorcycle and complete 1,000 miles in less than 24 hours -Be sure to pick a comfy ride if you can or you will feel it later -. Complete this challenge with legitimate records (times, distance) to show and you can be certified by the Iron Butt Association in the Saddle Sore 1,000. Upon completion you will receive a badge awarded only to the world’s toughest riders.

For the Iron Butt Challenge you do not only need a great motorcycle, stamina (iron butt), persistency; but you will also need tires that you can rely on. Over a 1,000 mile trip there are only a handful of things you can’t allow to go wrong, and tires is one of them. Tires provide the only contact between the bike and the road. Rain or shine, your tires must be up for the challenge.

For this kind of adventure, Continental offers the perfect tires in two models. The ContiTour and the ContiLegend. Continental is highly confident about the performance of these tires and their achievement of a challenge like this, but we decided to put the ContiTour to the test. For this, we contacted our friends at Cycle World Magazine and challenged them for an Iron Butt they would never forget.

Apparently, they didn’t know what they got into, but proceeded persistently. At least they had comfy cruiser motorcycles, all fitted with our latest ContiTour tires. They left their base in California with one epic ride ahead of them.