The Tire Changing Experts

If you’ve been to a BMW Rally, you’ve likely run into Steve and Sue Nemish and their No-Mar Tire Changer. Steve, Sue and their crew are the “go-to” folks for tires at major rallies like the BMW MOA and BMW RA.

Travel author, Tamela Rich, watches as Steve fits her BMW GS with Conti TKC 70 tires

As an active motorcycle track day and CCS road racing enthusiast, Steve saw a need for a high-quality manual tire changing machine. Although there were other machines on the market, none of them solved the biggest problems with changing motorcycle tires: bent rotors and damaged wheels. Steve even searched for better tire changing machines at the International Motorcycle Shows but in the end, he decided to build his own. Steve secured a patent for his innovative product and began selling his new “No-Mar” tire changing machine shortly after. His company now offers 5 different models of tire changers to accommodate the widest range of tire sizes on the market.

Since his first “No-Mar” machine was built, Steve has 8 registered patents and was recognized by Missouri State Representative, Andrew Koenig, and the Missouri House of Representatives for his business accomplishments. No-Mar tire changers can be used on most automotive tires however they are primarily marketed to the motorcycle community. In addition to high-quality motorcycle tire changers, No-Mar also manufactures wheel balancers, spoke weights, tire mounting lubricant, and other specialty tools- all made in the USA.

While demonstrating the No Mar machine at motorcycle rallies, attendees asked Steve about buying tires which soon led to another business opportunity: selling and mounting tires at major motorcycle rallies. BMW Rallies like the BMW MOA and BMW RA Rallies are where you are most likely to find Steve and the No Mar crew. “BMW riders are our #1 customer, they ride a lot and appreciate quality and performance,” Steve says.

Moto Tire USA

Moto Tire USA in Fenton, MO (St. Louis area) is a unique tire store where motorcyclists can stop in for “pit stop” service on tires and minor maintenance items. “The pit stop service has doubled our customer range” says Steve. “Customers can be in and out in under an hour with new tires and be back on the road. We also get many travelers passing through the St. Louis area in need of tires.” Moto Tire USA also sells motorcycle tires online at competitive prices with fast service. Besides their US operations, No-Mar has operations in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. No-Mar recently expanded to a 28,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility which will be used for production, assembly and shipping. Motorcycle dealers in the US can buy No Mar machines through Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties .

Moto Tire USA showroom in Fenton, MO offers “pit stop” service for motorcyclists in need of new tires.

Moto Tire USA stocks many Continental tires including the full range of Adventure tires, the TKC 80, TKC 70 and ContiTrailAttack 2. “Customers are really impressed with Conti quality and they appreciate the Free Flat Tire Towing Assistance included with all Continental motorcycle tires,” Steve said. “BMW riders really gravitate to the Conti TKC70 and TKC 80 for their versatility and performance.”