Benefits of scooters in the urban area

Despite the uncertainty cused by the Covid-19 health pandemic, the two-wheeler sector continues to grow. More and more people are discovering the advantages of moving by motorcycle or scooters, especially when they live in a city. Many of you already know the benefits of riding on two wheels, but if you are one of those people who are thinking of getting into this sector, Continental would like to remind you of the 10 main benefits of using a scooter in your day-to-day life in the city.

1. Goodbye to traffic jams

The first thing that comes to mind is the time savings of moving around a big city on a scooter. Saying goodbye to rush hour traffic jams is one of the reasons that leads many users to leave the car behind and choose a scooter. They are agile and have access to some restricted access areas and special lanes. Being able to leave home with the exact time to go to work without having to worry about how many minutes you are going to be stuck on the road is a luxury that many have already experienced.

2. Door to door: say goodbye to looking for a parking space

Another way to save time and increase our comfort with the scooter is the ease of parking it offers. Big cities are prepared for all those who move around on two wheels, and many of them allow motorcycles or scooters to be left parked on the sidewalks (always in an orderly way). This allows us to forget about all the time we waste looking for parking as close as possible to our destination when we go by car.

3. Individual mobility

In addition to saving time in traffic jams and finding parking, mobility by scooters means acquiring absolute independence. You will no longer have to depend on public transport timetables, strikes or remodeling works so common in subway or train station.

4. Price and economy of use

Moving on two wheels is also a respite for our pocket and is that, although the price range is wide, the purchase of a scooter can be much cheaper. And that’s not all, and is that maintenance costs or consumption (need less fuel) are also much lower than those of a four-wheeled vehicle.

5. They are less polluting

According to ADEME, the French environmental agency, motorcycles and scooters emit 50% less carbon dioxide than other motorized vehicles. Two-wheelers also contribute to reducing traffic congestion by 50 to 70%, which means a significant reduction in the emission of particulate pollutants into the atmosphere. That is why many cities do not apply traffic restrictions to two-wheeled vehicles and allow their mobility in downtown areas or low-emission zones.

6. Easy of use

Two-wheeled vehicles, and especially scooters, are really easy to ride. Who doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle? Well, with a couple of practical classes and knowing the rules of the road in the city you will be able to drive a scooter with facility. Scooters do not have gears and the brakes are located on the handlebars just like on bicycles, but mounted in reverse.

7. High load capacity

Even if it’s not like a car trunk, one of the key things of scooters particularly is their load capacity without any further accessories due to their “underseat” room that usually allows to carry a helmet, gloves, all the documents of the bike or whatever you need to carry. Some scooters also have a small glove compartment, which gives a little extra space.

8. Maintaining social distance

Another of the effects of the coronavirus health pandemic is the fear of crowds. That is why this situation has caused many users to say goodbye to crowded public transport to move by scooters ensuring social distance. In addition, the use of the full-face helmet frees us from wearing a mask, as its structure is able to protect us.

9. Greater range than a bicycle

It is true that the advantages of many of the previous points can also be fulfilled with a bicycle. However, it is clear that a scooter allows us to move much faster than a bicycle and with less physical effort. On the other hand, with a scooter we can circulate in a larger radius than with a bicycle, since if we go out of the city center the lanes are not usually enabled for them.

10. More fun

And finally, we wanted to close with the point that we like the most at Continental. Only those who have already ridden a scooter know the feeling of freedom and fun it provides. In many cases, the first scooter purchased as a mere means of daily transport becomes the first step into the wonderful world of motorcycling. Going from a scooter to go to work to enjoy the curves with a sports bike or the routes with a trail is not so far away, and if you do not believe it, you will tell us when you try it

And now, which tires should I choose for the city?

Continental has a wide range of tires that manages to adapt to all types of users, and of course, also for those who decide to use the motorcycle or scooter to move around the city. Two years ago the ContiScoot was introduced, premium tires aimed at scooter users looking for quality and reliability.

The ContiScoot offers great grip, even in the wet, as it has been developed from the evolution of the successful ContiRoadAttack 3. The ContiScoot offers maximum confidence from the first meters, reduces braking distance for more safety and maintains performance throughout its lifetime. If, on the other hand, you choose to use a motorcycle instead of a scooter, Continental recommends our ContiRoadAttack 3,theContiRoad or the ContiMotion.