ContiScoot, a premium scooter tire


Continental has designed a completely new premium scooter tire, the ContiScoot. This mini ContiRoadAttack 3 for scooters was launched some weeks ago at the EICMA show in Milan, Italy. It draws a lot of features from its big brother, the ContiRoadAttack 3, making it the ultimate high performance scooter tire.

Its entire design was inspired by our premium test-winning motorcycle tire. Many of the award-winning features from the ContiRoadAttack 3 have been adapted for the new ContiScoot, offering riders a superior experience on the road.

This new scooter tire offers high levels of performance in wet and dry conditions while optimizing mileage. It is equipped with the latest compound technology, ensuring a short warm-up time and consistent behavior over the life of the tire. The ContiScoot is available in a wide range of sizes, including the newest required sizes in the scooter market.

The ContiScoot truly stands out from the competition. During the research and development phase, Continental made sure that its new scooter tire performed better than the competition in all of the key areas – the results speak for themselves.

WET GRIP: Best wet grip in the scooter tire segment. User Benefit: High level of safety when braking in the wet!

Around a wet test track, the ContiScoot was a full 8.8 seconds faster than its closest rival.

DRY GRIP: Agile scooter tire for easy handling in city traffic. User Benefit: High level of safety in curves and during sudden changes in direction (city traffic)!

Around a dry test track, the ContiScoot was 0.7 seconds faster than its closest rival.

The ContiScoot was designed to be a reliable partner in all weather (wet & dry) and street conditions (braking on cobblestone, accelerating on asphalt, etc.).

ContiScoot features

ContiScoot, a Premium Scooter Tire inspired by our award-winning, sport-touring tire

  • WET GRIP: Best wet grip in the scooter tire segment – taking the pattern design from our test winner, the ContiRoadAttack 3, for excellent water drainage and clearance.
  • BEST COLD GRIP: 100% trust from the very first mile.
  • SAFETY: Short braking distance with maximum grip on wet and dry surfaces.
  • AGILITY: Agile scooter tire for easy handling in city traffic.
  • COMFORT: Highest comfort even on uneven surfaces like cobblestones.
  • MILEAGE: Extended mileage with uniform wear, delivering solid performance over the life of the tire.

ContiScoot pattern

Smooth center tread for high mileage

Optimized tread pattern for maximum drainage

Grooves extending to the sidewall for excellent water clearance

Contra-directional pattern design 

  • (front: braking – rear: accelerating)

Profile Contour

Different designs for the front and rear tire:

  • Front wheel: one round profile / contour for handling.
  • Rear wheel: two different profiles for stability.

ContiScoot In Comparison To Competitors:

Competitor 1
Competitor 2