Motorcycle tires for a cold snap

Everyone knows that winter is the most challenging season of the year for riding. In addition to the low temperatures, you have to contend with rain, snow, icy roads, as their effects on other drivers. Despite all that, there are those who chose to ride their motorcycles:  even in extreme situations. Nevertheless, using the motorcycle in these conditions is not something to be taken lightly. When it’s winter we can face unique situations that affect mobility, the way we ride, and the bike itself.

That’s why we have to pay more attention to the way we ride: bikes must be checked and  re-checked to ensure the equipment we are using is right for the occasion. And, of course, we have to make sure that our tires are up to the challenge and in good condition. First and foremost, if the situation is extreme, it is best to stay home and wait for the effects to subside. But if being on the road is an absolute must, there are tires designed to provide us with enhanced security when riding in less than optimal conditions.

ContiRoadAttack 3 and ContiTrailAttack 3

Continental has in its range of tires several options able to offer excellent performance in the winter season (and the rest of the year). At the top of the list is the ContiRoadAttack 3, which is designed for most sport touring motorcycles. These tires are prepared to resist difficult conditions like humidity, as well as cold or rainy conditions thanks to technologies like RainGrip, MultiGrip and ZeroDegree.

The ContiRoadAttack 3 is designed for performance with better drainage and increased wet grip. This tire also comes the Continental’s  EasyHandling technology, which makes the tire more agile at low speeds, making it easier to turn and minimizing risks in urban driving. Next on the list is the ContiRoad, which was designed based on the ContiRoadAttack 3’s test-winning genes.  The ContiRoad offers very reliable performance for price-conscious riders.

Another all-year-round option capable of performing well under adverse conditions is the ContiTrailAttack 3, a focused road tire for trail and powerful adventure tourers, but also for off-road use. One of its main characteristics is its super short warm-up time, which it before the first 2 miles. Like the ContiRoadAttack 3, these tires include the MultiGrip, RainGrip, ZeroDegree and EasyHandling technologies.

M+S tires, solution for snow conditions?

So, what happens when the road conditions are extreme? In this situation, we want to reiterate, the priority is safety and the best thing you can do is to stay at home and let the bike get cozy until road conditions improve. But if you’re faced with sporadic snow, or a part of your journey requires you to cross roads in poor condition, there are tires labeled M+S, suitable for ‘mud’ and ‘snow.’ As these acronyms indicate, these tires have been developed to serve under conditions of complicated adherence, and they do so thanks to the design of the tread pattern and its deepness.

Continental has several M+S options, which are presented as the best option in snow or mud conditions:

  • TKC 70: It is the preferred option for adventure users, since it is capable of offering great performance both on and off-road
  • TKC 70 Rocks: Rear tire with a pattern and greater depth, which is recommended to combine with the front TKC 70, and that provide a plus in off-road performance.
  • TKC 80: Marked in many occasions as one of the best-mixed tires because of its great off-road behavior, its durability, and its performance on the road.

Find out more about the complete Continental Motorcycle Tire line and visit the Continental Fitment Guide to match up your bike with these tires.