Why to Get a Pair of Continental ContiRoad

The Continental ContiRoad are part of our Sport-Touring tire range and can be considered as the ‘little brother’ of the ContiRoadAttack line, since they are born with the aim of satisfying the need for motorcycle tires a little more accessible but offer good performance, safe and durable. Versatility is also a quality of the ContiRoad, as it is presented as an option compatible with many types of motorcycles and valid for mixed urban, touring and sport use.

If you haven’t tried them yet, here are 6 reasons why you should.

1. Development Expertise

ContiRoad tires have been developed with the feedback and demands of users who choose the ContiRoadAttack range to fit their motorcycles. After years of developing this line, Continental produced the ContiRoad to have a new option of high performance tires but with a more affordable cost.

The experience based on the ContiRoadAttack line has allowed the Continenal ContiRoad to have the capabilities of a premium tire. In fact, they share some technologies such as the same internal structure, Continental ZeroDegree, an extra carcass layer, but at zero degrees to the casing that provides stability and confidence, and the silica technology that guarantees grip on wet asphalt.

2. Advanced Technology Applied

In order to achieve the performance of the ContiRoad it has been necessary to apply the most advanced technologies developed by Continental:

  • ZeroDegree: This technology optimizes shock absorption and guarantees the user extreme stability at high speeds.
  • RainGrip: This exclusive Continental compound gives the tire more grip on wet or slippery surfaces, also increasing mileage.
  • Performance Over Time: This technology ensures a constant level of performance, even after thousands of kilometers thanks to a combination of MultiGrip, casing construction and tread design.

3. Perfect choice for the city

If there is something we have to highlight about the Continental ContiRoad, it is the great stability, that is, the great ability to respond quickly to the rider’s actions while riding. This makes them a great choice for those who use the bike to move around urban areas, and is that they allow very precise turn changes, giving greater safety in the curves, extending the agility in city traffic and thus giving a plus of confidence to the rider.

To this must also be added its great grip and optimal wet performance. So on rainy days, forget about leaving your bike in the garage.

4. Also for Road Enthusiasts

But ContiRoad tires are not just for the city, they also perfectly meet the demands of those riders who like to spend their weekends on back roads. As we mentioned before, grip is one of their characteristics, which gives them good cornering stability, high acceleration performance and safe braking, even on wet asphalt.

Durability is also a strong point of the sport-touring tire, offering high mileage thanks to a continuous rubber band in the center of the tire.

5. Specialized in 17″ Size

For more than two decades, the 17″ size has been the size chosen by motorcycle manufacturers to launch most of their sport-touring models, which is why Continental has decided to focus solely and exclusively on this size for the development of the ContiRoad.

6. For all Budgets

As we said at the beginning of this article, the ContiRoad was born, among other things, because of the demand from users for more affordable tires, but without renouncing the high technologies and performance that Continental tires are accustomed to. After an exhaustive study and development, the ContiRoad was born.