Performance of Continental Tires

The life span of a motorcycle tire is hard to predict due to the many variables is roads, riding style, motorcycle specifications, etc. Some tires might offer an excellent tread life, but their overall performance diminishes considerably after a few thousand miles. Continental works hard to ensure that their tires provide excellent performance throughout their life without a sudden drop-off common to many other brands.

Continental has a wide range of motorcycle tires to suit the needs of most riders and machines, whether it’s a track-only Super Bike or a scooter on city streets. Regardless of the machine or application, Continental has the right technology for each type of tire to ensure the rider consistent performance throughout the life of his/her Continental tires.

How do we achieve this?

The experience. Continental has been working for almost 150 years in the innovation and progress of tires. Since it opened its first site in Hanover to produce bicycle tires, the Continental has constantly developed their products that are the leader in quality for bicycle, car and motorcycle tires. Pioneering spirit, unfailing instinct and an obsession with technology have been key to delivering the best performance to date.

Born in Germany. All Continental motorcycle tires are engineered and developed at the Korbach factory in Germany, then tested on the famous ContiDrom or Uvalde development centers, and of course on the fast German highways. German engineering is not just a legend – at the Engineering Center there are more than 1,000 scientists, designers and engineers who are dedicated to inventing, developing and testing in order to provide the performance that every rider is looking for.

Technologies. Continental applies core technologies to achieve the best performance on the road. The new BlackChilli compound, based on the latest advances in polymers and research of raw materials, achieves the maximum durability and grip both on wet or dry roads with a quick warm-up time. The Multigrip technology gives the tire greater rolling resistance thanks to its harder central band and softer edge rubber provides amazing grip at high lean angles. TractionSkin technology makes the tire safer due to a much quicker break-in time. You can read more about Continental core technologies here-

 Performance Over Lifetime is built into all Continental tires including the new ContiRoad and sets Continental tires apart from their competition. Performance Over Lifetime ensures a constant level of performance, even after thousands of miles thanks to the Continental mastery of rubber compounds, carcass construction and tread pattern design. In this way, the performance of the tire is excellent throughout its life without sudden drop-offs in grip and handling right up to its last miles

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