ContiRoad Performs Exceptionally on KTM Bike

Motorcycle legend, Jeremy McWilliams, a former MotoGP rider, Multiple Northwest 200 winner and full-time KTM test and development rider, had the opportunity to extensively test the new ContiRoad at the Contidrom in Buchholz, Germany.

Jeremy McWilliams
Jeremy McWilliams

Using a KTM 790 Duke for the trials, McWilliams, who now works as a full-time R&D test rider at KTM Sportmotorcycle test the range of the ContiRoad’s capabilities in both wet and dry conditions.

The ContiRoad was conceived with the genes of Conti’s famous ContiRoadAttack 3 and is packed with new tire technology, including the compound used in its construction, its state-of-the-art heavy-duty carcass design and tread pattern. These features and more make the ContiRoad ideal for good handling, a comfortable and fun ride and exceptional mileage.

According to McWilliams, “It is important for a rider to get good early feedback from his tyres on a ride, whether it’s commuting or for leisure. I’m looking for security, they need to start working from the moment I set off”.

The ContiRoad is a versatile on-road focused motorcycle tire that is designed to fit the needs of both the commuter and the traveler. “The ContiRoad starts working immediately building the rider confidence as soon as the ride takes off, giving very good feedback from both the front and rear tyre is one of the ContiRoad strengths amongst others”.

The ContiRoad includes a tread pattern with a center “slick” pattern or “backbone” and extra deep tread grooves. This makes for exceptional water ejection and increases the overall mileage of the tire significantly.

The ContiRoad also includes Continental’s RainGrip compound technology, which ensures optimum grip right down to the microscopic level of the road surface and increases tread life due to higher silica content. “In terms of grip in both wet and dry conditions the ContiRoad performs exceptionally well, the benefits it offers in all conditions with a very broad working range (commuting to very sporty riding) combined with great bump absorption for comfort set the ContiRoad out as a leader in this sector”.

Thanks to a combination of Continental’s core technologies and the latest in rubber compounds, ContiRoad’s performance over time ensures this tire is going to perform exceptionally well from the first mile to the last mile.

Like every Continental Motorcycle Tire, the ContiRoad also comes standard with Conti’s 3-Years of FREE Flat Tire Towing up to 150-miles at NO charge.

So, for the demanding rider who prioritizes mileage as well as grip and wants a sports touring tire based on Continental’s proven line of premium tires, the ContiRoad was developed for you.  Find out more about the ContiRoad: