By Brad E. Bailey; photos by Didier Constant

Motorcycle Meets Tires Designed to Perform

Motorcycle journalist Didier Constant, writing for Moto, installed a set of the all new ContiSportAttack 4′s on his BMW S 1000 XR.  The SportAttack 4’s are designed to perform well both on the road and on the track and are packed full of next level technologies, including BlackChili Compound. BlackChili enhances grip and improves traction in all weather conditions and improves maximum performance and handling.

The ContiSportAttack 4 also comes with RainGrip compound technology which delivers superior wet grip. Another feature of this standout tire is its GripLimitFeedback, which increases rider safety during extreme lean angles with timely feedback from the tires for a higher level of control at the limit.

Find out more about the new ContiSportAttack 4 at

Read Didier’s article at Stay tuned for his track day article where he will validate the sporty potential of the BMW S 1000 XR and the ContiSportAtack4‘s.

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