New GASGAS ES 700 and SM 700

GASGAS has expanded its range with two new models quite different from what we have been used to, and has launched its first two road bikes: the GASGAS ES 700 and the GASGAS SM 700. The brand originally from Spain has opted for Continental to fit both models, choosing the TKC 80 for the ES 700, which has a more enduro character, and the ContiAttack SM EVO for the SM 700, designed for supermotard fans.

Both models have a single-cylinder engine of 692 cc and a power output of 73 hp, created to provide fun in any situation while allowing the user to face longer trips with total solvency. In short, these are two motorcycles prepared for use on asphalt beyond the off-road to which we are accustomed to the brand. The main differences between the GASGAS ES 700 and the GASGAS SM 700 are found in the suspension, wheels and tires.

GASGAS is now under the umbrella of the Pierer Mobility emporium, which also owns brands such as KTM and Husqvarna. Therefore, we can say that this is not the first time that the company has chosen Continental to fit its bikes. Models such as the KTM 1290 Super Duke GT, the KTM 390 Adventure or the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto also come with our tires as standard. These new bikes are already available in Europe, and although they have not yet been added to the U.S. website, we can see their photos on it, so it seems that their launch will be soon. This collaboration is a way of reaffirming that Continental is on a par with the best motorcycle manufacturers of the moment and that its applied technology is capable of meeting the needs of the highest performance machines.

TKC 80, For Off-Road Enthusiasts

Continental TKC 80 tires are the favorite of adventurers, and that is why they have been a benchmark in the sector for more than 35 years. Over the years, these tires have been adapted to new needs through continuous technological updates. The TKC 80 have been developed to offer a balanced orientation of 80% off-road and 20% asphalt, so that they become the perfect tires for those adventurers who, in addition to daring the most arduous routes, also do long stretches of road.

GASGAS has chosen the TKC 80 for the new ES 700, because they have been tested on long routes and even in competitions, providing great traction and possibilities in soft off-road terrain. These tires allow the bikes to be taken even further than usual and offer good road performance due to the stiffness of the lugs and rubber compounds developed for this purpose.

ContiAttack SM EVO, For Supermoto Enthusiasts

And for those looking for more fun on the road, GASGAS has selected the Continental ContiAttack SM EVO. The SM 700 comes with these tires that offer excellent handling and exceptional control at any lean angle. Grip is spectacular in all road conditions, even in the wet, and the rear tire provides increased mileage.

The ContiAttack SM EVO, created for supermotard or small sport bikes, stands out for its ZeroDegree design with 0° steel thread casing that makes it a perfect sport tire for both road and track. It also features TractionSkin technology, with a rough surface that allows maximum performance from the first meters.