Tires for Sport Bikes

The highest demands in motorcycling are made in sporty riding. In the case of motorcycle tires, high performance is expected and they are of great importance when maximum performance is sought or even when fighting on the track to lower lap times by a few tenths of a second. Continental has taken a giant step forward in recent years in this segment of sports tires with a series of developments that have placed its tires among the favorites of those who have sport bikes (superbike, supersport), do sport riding with another type of motorcycle (naked, supermoto…) or even are regulars in track laps and participate in races.

To know better the range of sport tires and to know which one is recommended for your type of use, we wanted to explain the different models of this sport and circuit range. Take note!

ContiSportAttack 4

The Continental ContiSportAttack 4 is the reference sport bike tire in the brand’s catalog. It is a fourth generation that has been fine-tuned in all points to achieve great results in the comparisons made against its competitors. Its most recognized advance has been the introduction of the new patented compound, BlackChili, which provides faster warm-up and maximum grip.

This sporty, street-legal tire incorporates ‘made in Korbach’ technologies such as GripLimitFeedback, i.e. a much more faithful transmission of sensations to the rider, something that is appreciated when you are doing the most extreme inclinations and feel where the tire’s limit is perfectly. It also features TractionSkin technology (prevents slippage as soon as the new tire is mounted) or the MultiGrip vulcanization system at different temperatures to ensure greater durability or more grip where it is most convenient.

The new ContiSportAttack 4 has been awarded several times by industry specialists, even winning the “best buy” label in a comparison carried out by the prestigious German magazine MO or getting the best score in the tire comparison carried out by the Austrian magazine Motorrad Magazin.

ContiRoadAttack 4

The Continental ContiRoadAttack 4 is the latest addition to the German brand’s range of tires. They have been developed after a long research process and with the aim of surpassing its predecessor the ContiRoadAttack 3, so loved by the public. It incorporates a new compound and design, and the ends of the tire tread are “slick”, without tread pattern, which guarantees precision and grip even at maximum lean angle.

It has the latest Continental technology added and manages to offer more grip and stability – also in the wet – while improving comfort and durability. The ContiRoadAttack 4 has the performance of a sports tire designed for the latest machines as well as the most developed touring bikes of the moment.

The ContiRoadAttack 4 beats its competitors in the traditional requirements of the Sport-Touring segment: mileage, comfort, stability and wet grip. As if that were not enough, the engineers have also worked to incorporate into these tires the performance of supersports tires.

ContiRaceAttack 2 soft/medium

The ContiRaceAttack 2 soft/medium is a DOT-approved racing tire with a tread for amateur riders. Its main feature is the BlackChili compound, which helps to improve lap times thanks to its fast warm-up and continuous grip (available in soft and medium compound).

It offers greater stability when braking and accelerating in corners, along with good constant response, thanks to GripLimitFeedback technology. The ContiRaceAttack 2 have been tested with reduced air pressure for track use and in varying conditions are able to maintain temperature more consistently. The use of tire warmers is recommended for track use.

ContiRaceAttack 2 Street

The ContiRaceAttack 2 Street, evolution of the ContiRaceAttack Comp. End, is a track tire that is approved for road use. It is within the hypersport range and its high performance makes it a track tire suitable for road use as well.

Within the multitude of compounds that make up Continental tires, the BlackChili compound is common in the Racing and HyperSport range. It also improves the tire’s dry grip and thus becomes another possibility for the user to find a tire that can adapt to both the track and the road.

It is very important that the ContiRaceAttack 2 Street not be confused with its range sibling the ContiRaceAttack 2 – available in medium and soft compound – because the latter is not homologated for road use. However, depending on the application, they can be combined for higher durability needs in endurance racing.


Continental’s sportiest and most radical tire is the ContiTrack. It is a slick tire, completely smooth and exclusively for circuit use, with a very high operating temperature (70-105º), so it is recommended to use heaters before going out on the track. For this latest generation of circuit tire, the brand went all out with a new design for the most extreme superbike and supersport bikes on the market or even supermotard with narrower rims. Its casing was improved thanks to the ZeroDegree technology, which provides great stability under braking, greater precision and a higher level of traction on corner exits.

Those who opt for the ContiTrack can choose between different compounds (soft, medium or hard), all designed for the most extreme track conditions. It is therefore an ideal tire for racing prototypes or high-performance circuit-prepared motorcycles.

ContiRaceAttack Rain

When the going gets rough and it starts to rain heavily, the surface is no longer suitable for slicks, but the rider can still ride with confidence thanks to the ContiRaceAttack Rain, an exclusive track tire with an innovative design that optimizes water evacuation. The compound is optimized for wet grip.

We are talking about an exclusive motorcycle tire for circuit and designed for high performance motorcycles with 17″ rims.

ContiAttack SM EVO

If there are any bikes for extreme sporting use, it is the supermoto. The ContiAttack SM EVO, a recent evolution of the previous generation that improves in all aspects thanks to a new compound that ensures greater grip and mileage, the EasyHandling technology that allows greater agility and control of reactions. It continues to stand out for its stability (ZeroDegree construction) and reliability from the first meters of riding (TractionSkin).

Users of models such as the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto or the KTM 690 SMC R already have their reference tire for track use.