• Adventure riding school uses TKC 80 tires to inspire riding confidence in students

Dual sport motorcycles are gaining in popularity every year as more and more riders discover the benefits of these (sometimes) large machines. These bikes typically have a much more comfortable riding position, larger fuel capacity, more luggage room and extended off-road ability. These commodities make long trips and adventure riding more adequate and comfortable to tackle unexplored dirt roads. If you’ve been bitten by the Adventure bug, it is a good idea to get a pair TKC 80 and also proper training maneuvering a full size adventure motorcycle.

That’s where Zacker Adventures comes to your rescue. Zacker Adventures is an adventure motorcycle riding and training school located in Roanoke, Virginia. Here, riders look for the skills and techniques needed to master today’s dual-sport machines. The school’s mission is to bring value to the ADV motorcycle community through knowledge, experience and instruction.

continental tkc 80

Zacker Adventures is headed by Todd Zacker, an accomplished rider with 35+ years of off-road experience. He has raced AMA Pro Motocross and Supercross, AMA Pro Superbike and Supersport. Todd has also instructed for motorcycle safety, racing and motocross classes. He is also First Aid CPR/AED certified.

Few topics generate more opinionated discussion among Adventure enthusiasts than tires. If you ask Todd Zacker about tires he has a very simple answer; Conti TKC 80.

Zacker on the TKC 80:

“We use TKC 80s for many reasons and recommend them to our clients”, said Todd. “Off-road, on dirt and gravel roads, they are in our opinion the best tire you can buy for a large DS or Adventure bike. On-road whether you are just cruising on the back roads or scrapping the pegs in the twisties, the TKC 80 will not let you down. One of my favorite attributes is the wet weather traction making it better than any of the competitors on pavement. In a nut shell, the TKC 80 is predictable and confidence inspiring. The riders knows that traction is not going to be an issue that day!”, he added.

continental tkc 80

Thanks to the school’s extensive riding, Todd has a very good idea of how much a set of TKC 80s should last. Mileage is a hot topic about our tires, let Zacker Adventures be a legit measure of that. “The TKC 80 has lasted longer than any other 50/50 tire we have used. We usually get 3,000-5,000 miles out of a rear, while getting 7,500-8,000 out of a front on a BMW R 1200 GS and usually get 5,000-7,000 miles out of a rear, while getting 8,000-10,000 miles out of a front on a BMW F 650 GS. Our general rule is two rears for every front. Overall, we think every ADV bike should be equipped with a set of Continental TKC 80s” said Todd.

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