TKC 80 Durability

How durable are the TKC 80 tires when pushed to the limit? 2 Ride The World  puts them to the test while riding through Alaska and Canada, blasting through the tires with their aggressive and fast riding style. Although dual-sport tires are not designed to last as long as a ContiTour cruiser tire would due to their knobby tread pattern, Continental has taken into consideration the need for adequate mileage on the TKC 80. Simon and Lisa from 2 Ride The World, have become experts in getting the most out of the TKC 80 tires while traveling around the world.

“Time and time again, we’ve utterly relied on the TKC 80 to do the toughest job, that of getting us around the world, irrespective of whatever the terrain. Snow, pot-holed asphalt, deep sand, ball bearing like gravel and everything else you can imagine. At one point or another, we’ve ridden all of them and the TKC80s have quietly gone about their job of inspiring confidence and getting us from A to B without out fuss”

So, What Numbers Can You Expect?

2 Ride The World motorcycle enthusiasts, Simon and Lisa, are able to get even higher mileage than stated in the video below, depending on how cautiously they ride. This video provides a good indication of what mileage to expect if the tire is ridden hard. The total load should also be considered as it affects tire wear and the extra weight on the bike can negatively impact tire mileage.

“Lisa and I regularly get 7-10,000 miles from a rear TKC 80. Although it’s worth pointing out that we did really blast the tires in the video with our ride through Alaska and Canada, and our riding style was aggressive and fast. We also still had plenty of life left in the set of TKC 80’s that we were pulling off our bikes in this video”

Here is some more evidence of the TKC 80’s durability: