Technical explanation about the differences between the Continental’s ContiTrack, ContiRaceAttack Comp and ContiAttack SM tires

Continental Motorcycle Race Tires technical explanation about our extreme range of racing tires, the ContiTrack, ContiRaceAttack Comp and ContiAttack SM. This technical explanation video will provide you with detailed information about our handmade German racing tires. These tires are perfect for sport bike enthusiasts looking to get the best lap times around a track. This supplemental text will provide a brief summary of details and facts about these ultra grippy and super-fast tires.

Most of all, Continental Racing Tires have been engineered with racing and competition in mind. Therefore, we fulfill characteristics a top of the line race tire should have. Ultra-high levels of grip and top speed stability come standard to provide the rider with maximum confidence, consistency and the best times around a track.


The ContiTrack is a slick for track days and hobby racers. It is the same tire that took Bruno Langlois and Travis Newbold to the podium during the year 95th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb event. Its carcass includes our ZeroDegree belt technology with a zero degree steel-belted construction that guarantees excellent stability at high speeds. The ContiTrack has hard, medium and soft compound variations.

Continental Motorcycle Race Tires

ContiRaceAttack Comp

The ContiRaceAttack Comp is equipped with our ZeroDegree and MultiGrip technology. The ContiRaceAttack Competition or Comp for short, is a high performance tire for the race track that provides the rider with a consistent more predictable and homogenous grip feel on lean angle. It is also available in various compounds for the perfect adaptation to different conditions.

The main differences between this tire and the ContiTrack are:

  • The existence of a tread pattern
  • MultiGrip technology
  • Legal usability on public roads (DOT)

Continental Motorcycle Race Tires

ContiAttack SM

The ContiAttack Supermoto or SM for short is highly trusted in high end motorcycle manufacturers like KTM with their 690SMC R and Husqvarna’s 701 Supermoto for original equipment. This is due to the wide range of technologies implememnted  It features TractionSkin, MultiGrip and ZeroDegree technologies.

Continental Motorcycle Race Tires

This range of high performance tires represents the extremes Continental is willing to go to achieve ultimate grip. Continental has got your race day covered. So, be it track only slicks, street legal racing tires for superbikes or supermotos, these tires are Built to Race!