Continental Tire Fitment Guide

Find the right Continental Tire

The Continental Motorcycle Tire Fitment Guide is the latest addition to our website. This tool is has been designed for all riders who want a shortcut when finding the right Conti tire for their bike. The tire fitment guide comes in handy for new and experienced riders by providing a tire suggestion only a handful of clicks away. This tool is located on our website on the upper right hand.

Continental Tire Fitment Guide

The tire fitment guide features over 27 motorcycle manufacturers and dozens of models for each brand. First, select the motorcycle logo and then click the fitment guide option. After clicking the fitment guide option, a new window will open. Here you will be able to select your motorcycle manufacturer and model. Finally, Continental will recommend a range of selected Conti tires and sizes for your motorcycle. These tire suggestions are based on your bike’s segment, engine displacement specifications and information from the motorcycle manufacturer. Each tire suggestion contains a “further details” link that will lead you to explore the tire’s model characteristics and features.

So try it for yourself and find out what tire is right for your motorcycle before purchasing your new Continental Motorcycle Tire!

Until next week!