ContiRoad: Versatile and Affordable

From its inception by the test winning Korbach engineering team, the ContiRoad was conceived with the genes of Conti’s famous ContiRoadAttack 3 and is a completely new tire designed and developed to be a premium standout performer in the wet weather category while exceeding Continental’s quality standards for comfortable touring and agile handling on country roads.

The ContiRoad is packed with new tire technology, including the compound used in its construction, its state-of-the-art heavy-duty carcass design, and tread pattern. These features and more make the ContiRoad ideal for good handling, a comfortable and fun ride, and exceptional mileage.

The ContiRoad is a versatile on-road focused motorcycle tire within a wide sport-tourer segment, that is designed to fit the needs of both the commuter and the traveler. It is also suitable for a wide range of motorcycles including naked, sport and sport-touring models.

Its price-point within the brand is just behind the high-class ContiRoadAttack 3. So, the German engineered ContiRoad takes the baton from the previous ContiRoadAttack 2 and ContiRoadAttack 2 EVO, and it is a more affordable option.

Several features of the ContiRoad make this tire a top-tier standout compared to other premium tires in the field include its tread pattern.

The ContiRoad includes a tread pattern with a center “slick” pattern or “backbone” and extra deep tread grooves.  This makes for exceptional water ejection and increases the overall mileage of the tire significantly.

The ContiRoad also includes Continental’s new RainGrip compound technology, which ensures optimum grip right down to the microscopic level of the road surface and increases tread life due to higher silica content.

Continental has included its ZeroDegree steel belt technology that guarantees excellent stability at high speeds, reduces kickback and ensures a comfortable and stable ride.

ContiRoad also includes Conti’s Performance over Time Technology which means this tire will maintain the highest constant level of performance even after thousands of miles of usage.  This key feature and technology is made possible due to carcass construction and pattern design.

Thanks to a combination of Continental’s core technologies and the latest in rubber compounds, ContiRoad’s performance over time ensures this tire is going to perform exceptionally well from the first mile to the last mile.

Like every Continental Motorcycle Tire, the ContiRoad also comes standard with Conti’s 3-Years of FREE Flat Tire Towing up to 150-miles at NO charge.  

In July, Motorcycle legend, Jeremy McWilliams, a former MotoGP rider, Multiple Northwest 200 winner and full-time KTM test and development rider, had the opportunity to extensively test the new ContiRoad at the Contidrom in Buchholz, Germany.

Jeremy McWilliams
Jeremy McWilliams

Using a KTM 790 Duke for the trials, McWilliams, who now works as a full-time R&D test rider at KTM Sportmotorcycle test the range of the ContiRoad’s capabilities in both wet and dry conditions.

According to McWilliams, In terms of grip in both wet and dry conditions the ContiRoad performs exceptionally well, the benefits it offers in all conditions with a very broad working range (commuting to very sporty riding) combined with great bump absorption for comfort set the ContiRoad out as a leader in this sector.”

So, for the demanding rider who prioritizes mileage as well as grip and wants a sports touring tire based on Continental’s proven line of premium tires, the ContiRoad was developed for you. Find out more about the ContiRoad.



ContiRoad | Sport Touring Tire Built for Mileage



  • ENGINEERED IN GERMANY: Highest Continental quality standards, it is developed from the test winning Korbach engineering team.
  • HANDLING: Newly developed tire for comfortable touring and agile handling on country roads.
  • TESTWINNER GENES: Modern tread compound, inspired by the test winning ContiRoadAttack 3 technology.
  • MILEAGE: High mileage thanks to non-tangent profile grooves at the central tread of the rear tire.
  • WET PERFORMANCE: A silica-technology guarantees a high micro-interlocking with the asphalt.
  • GRIP: Tread design with an extra-large positive proportion for a higher mechanical grip.

ContiRoad sizes available

Tire size Load / Speed Reference
Front 110/70-17 54V 244587
120/70-17 58(W) 244586
Rear 140/70-17 66H 244589
150/60-17 66V 244590
150/70-17 69(W) 244591
160/60-17 69(W) 244592
180/55-17 73(W) 244588
190/50-17 73(W) 244593
190/55-17 73(W) 244594

ContiRoad Sport Touring Tire | Better Wet Grip

ContiRoad | Sport Touring Tire – Coast-to-Coast