Superbike Depot is the exclusive trackside service provider for the Shannonville Motorsports Park

Continental Motorcycle Tires is proud to announce its new partnership with Mississauga, Ontario-based racing tire distributor, Superbike Depot.

Since 2013, Superbike Depot has been Ontario’s premium trackside service provider. From tire sales and service to full CSBK (Canadian Superbike Championship) motorcycle builds, Superbike Depot is a complete, full-service race shop.

Superbike Depot is the exclusive trackside service provider for the Shannonville Motorsports Park for all of its motorcycle events, including track days and “The Super Series” (Regional races). They are also the trackside service provider for Kitchener Sport Riders (track days) at Grand Bend Motorplex. In addition to tire service, Superbike Depot provides suspension and geometry assistance as well as new rider coaching.

Superbike Depot is a proud sponsor of the Superbike Depot Inc. Pro 600 Extreme race series organized by the Southern Ontario Association of Racing (SOAR) which takes place at the Grand Ben Motorplex.

According to Joe Mesic, owner of SuperBike Depot, “One of the reasons [we] chose Continental was the trusted Handcrafted quality of Continental’s tires which are hand-made in Germany.”


For 150 years, Continental Tires has continually been involved in the development of cutting-edge technology. Tire development, tire testing, and German production are all based in Korbach, Hesse. Continental continues this tradition of excellence with its line of motorcycle racing tires which are engineered for the track and built to race.

SuperBike Depot will offer riders several choices in Continental racing tires, including the ContiTrack slick tire for ultimate racing and track day performance (NHS). The ContiTrack’s new carcass construction provides significantly greater braking stability, precise turn-in and noticeably better corner exit traction.

ContiRaceAttack 2

SuperBike Depot will also carry the brand new ContiRaceAttack 2, a DOT homologated race tire designed to achieve top racetrack performance. This tire is also manufactured with BlackChili Race Compound for maximum performance lap after lap. BlackChili is a next level technology that allows for fast warm-up and consistently high grip. “BlackChili’s completely new compound variations are adapted to Supersport and Superbikes making it a clear choice for our clients and Canadian Motorcycle track enthusiasts” says Mesic.

Daniel Solorzano, Sales & Marketing Manager for Continental Motorcycle Tires | The Americas, said that the Continental Motorcycle team is looking forward to this exciting partnership with Superbike Depot and hopes to establish Continental as a winning tire brand in Canadian motorcycle racing.

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