ContiTour, official tire of 2021 Sturgis

The 2021 Sturgis Buffalo Chip, scheduled for August 3-15, is just around the corner. The “Best Party Anywhere,” is literally one of the big events in the world that combines music and the best motorcycle atmosphere imaginable.  If you love custom bikes, choppers, baggers, cruisers and even roadsters, you don’t want to miss the fun. And even if you don’t ride, the concerts alone with music from Kid Rock, ZZ Top, Puddle of Mudd, and more are worth the experience.

Once again, the Continental ContiTour is the official tire of the 2021 Buffalo Chip. The good news is, if you are headed to the Chip, Continental is offering attendees one of the best deals anywhere on the ConitTour for your time around the Badlands and for the ride home. Why? Well, The Best Party anywhere needs only wants the best and the ContiTour is the best touring tire for heavy bikes around. Built for a smooth ride and lots of miles, the ContiTour was designed from the ground up to carry very heavy loads like your walking in the clouds.

The ContiTour was introduced in 2017, and since then it has become a favorite upgrade for Harley Davidson bikes and custom bikes. Its sought-after MileagePlus technology extends the reliable riding life of the tire by extending its durability and mileage. This was achieved thanks to a new improved compound and a tread design that leaves the center tread of the rear tire free of cracks, significantly extending its life and improving its stability. The mileage advantage of the ContiTour alone is why Continental is offering a special deal for Sturgis Buffalo Chip attendees.  After you have put 1,500 miles on your tires on the way to Sturgis, you’ll want a tire that is built to tackle the journey home. That tire is the Continental ContiTour.  You don;t want to miss this exclusive deal.

Mileage isn’t the only thing that matters when you are on a long-haul.  You want a ride that is smooth and comfortable as well.  The ContiTour also includes Continental’s MaxComfort design to give riders a smooth easy ride while maintaining correct shape and balance over long distances and when fully loaded with two riders and luggage. And how much more luggage will you need to carry home after Sturgis?  With the added weight, you want a ride with Consistency, traction, and longevity.  The only tire that offers the smoothest ride with the best mileage is the ContiTour. So after surviving a week of fun, you’ll need to start the journey home.  Now is the time to take advantage of Continental’s special offer for Sturgis attendees.  It is only available at Fozzy’s Garage at the Crossroads, so you don’t want to miss it.

The rest of the tread on the ContiTour is also new, offering efficient drainage in wet conditions. Its stiffness allows the rider improved handling compared to classic tires in this segment and also a very positive feeling of comfort.  Better handling in wet conditions is a must when you are traveling long distances.  You don’t know what the road and weather ahead will look like, so having a bit of peace of mind will make the entire journey all the better.


ContiTour 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Speaking of peace of mind, the ContiTour is the only touring tire that comes with a 60-Day rider satisfaction guarantee.  That means when you purchase a new set of ContiTour Tires at Fozzy’s Garage at the Buffalo Chip or any authorized Continental Tire Dealer and aren’t 100% satisfied with their tires, can return them within 60-days or within 2/32 of an inch tread use for a refund.  You don’t even have to head back to Fozzy’s.  You just need to contact the team at Continental Motorcycle and they’ll help you find a dealer — What tire offers you a 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee?  Only one, the Continenntal ContiTour.  Even better, you will have a special offer when you buy your tires at Fozzy’s Garage in Sturgis.  This is something you don’t want to miss because it only happens once a year…and then it is gone. Read on to find out more about the special Sturgis Buffalo Chip offer.

3-Years Free Flat Tire towing Road Assistance

When you buy your ContiTour tire in Sturgis or at any Continental Dealer, it comes with 3-years of  FREE complimentary Flat Tire towing Assistance coverage with a live agent 24/7.  Continental will tow your Motorcycle up to 150-miles or 241-Kilometres at NO Charge for 3-years. You don’t have to worry about reimbursements or anything. Continental has it covered (only offered in the USA and Canada).  You never know when you’ll need assistance, but when you place your trust with Continental Tires to keep you going, we are committed to getting you back on the road as quickly and conveniently as possible.  All you do is buy the tire and register it — it is that simple.

Now, you can get your special offer for a set of ContiTour tires at Fozzy’s Garage at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Crossroad, with a 60-day rider satisfaction guarantee and complimentary roadside assistance towing.  Just REGISTER your tires and you are on your way.

Get the Right Fitment for Your Harley Davidson

When it comes to tire fitment, Continental carries the full range of standard Harley Davidson tires for bikes in production, including (16″, 17″, 18″, 19″ and 21″ for the front and 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″ and 21″ for the rear).  You can see the full range of Continental tires and the right fitment for your bike on the Continental Fitment Guide.   If you make it to the Buffalo Chip Crossroads, stop by the Fozzy’s at the Sturgis garage and he will set you up with the right tire for your ride.  Then you can head over to the Big engine Bar and relax while Fozzy takes care of the rest.

Special Offer at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Garage (Fozzy’s)


Amid the concerts, racing, stunt shows and other heart-pounding events at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip, Continental Motorcycle tires is offering a BUY 1 GET 1 FREE Deal exclusively at Fozzy’s Cycle Shop at the Buffalo Chip Crossroads. This deal only happens during the Sturgis Buffalo Chip.  When you buy a rear ContiTour tire, you’ll receive the front tire FREE.  And you also receive the 60-Day Rider Satisfaction Guarantee and 3-years of flat tire towing.  This special is ONLY available at Fozzy’s Garage at the Crossroads.  First Come, First Serve.  Visit Fozzy’s on Facebook to find out more!

See you at the Chip!