100% satisfied  is the ContiTour Guarantee

Continental Motorcycle Tire USA launched a new rider satisfaction guarantee program for its U.S. market that is revolutionary for cruiser and touring motorcycle enthusiasts.

The ContiTour, first introduced to the American V-Twin market in 2016, was designed by Continental’s award-winning Korbach, Germany-based engineering team for bikes weighing in at 600lbs or more that require high mileage tires. The tires are constructed using Continental’s MaxComfort design to give the rider a smooth easy ride while maintaining correct shape and balance over long distances and when fully loaded with two riders and luggage. Consistency, traction, and longevity are the hallmarks of ContiTour tires.

60-Day Satisfaction Program Details

Customers who purchase a new set of ContiTour Tires from an authorized Continental Tire Dealer and aren’t 100% satisfied with their tires, can return them within 60-days or within 2/32 of an inch tread use for a refund.

International Sales Manager Daniel Solorzano says the program is about introducing consumers to one of the most balanced custom touring tires on the market today. “The ride and handling of the ContiTour are second to none. Not only does the ContiTour offer effortless handling when paired with a heavy cruiser motorcycle like the Harley-Davidson Electra Glide, they are getting exceptional mileage.”

Jeff Holt - V-Twin Visionary
Jeff Holt ~ V-Twin Visionary

Jeff Holt with V-Twin Visionary says that he “[W]ould put this tire up against any other leading tire brand making tires for baggers today.” Why? “Because it is packed with technology.

The ContiTour Tire is built with Continental’s MileagePlus technology which features a compound that significantly extends mileage while maintaining exceptional handling. Testers, including the team at Riders Domain Magazine which is now part of Rocky Mountain ATV and Motorcycle, have repeatedly highlighted the MileagePlus compound alongside the MaxComfort technologies integrated into the ContiTour.

ContiTour, rigourous tested tyres

A big part of Continental’s success and tire quality merit is due to rigorous testing and quality processes in order to provide the consumer with the best product available. Demanding wet handling tests from damp to very wet conditions while cornering, acceleration and braking are performed to meet the highest standards in the industry. According to Solorzano, “Testing plays a central role in the development of Conti’s core technologies in our motorcycle tires. We extensively test our compounds and tread design to improve tire safety, performance and durability.”

Motorcycle Industry Professional Robert Pandya says that for a long tour, you want the ContiTour. “The thing about a long tour is you want to enjoy the anticipation of discovery. You don’t want to worry about your equipment failing you and losing any confidence. ContiTour rubber is backed by a 3-year flat guarantee and now a 60-day satisfaction program, and besides that, they are really great tires that handle long and straight roads, as well as when winding-up purple mountain majesties.”

Continental’s new 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee program was developed to introduce consumers to the ContiTour by giving them plenty of time to test a superior tire for themselves. Solorzano says that the team at Continental Motorcycle Tire is confident that consumers will enjoy the ride, handing, mileage, and value of the ContiTour. “That is why every new pair sold includes the 60-days or up to 2/32 of an inch guarantee. We are that confident you’ll like it and want the best for you and your passenger.”

More details on availability of certain sizes and the whole product portfolio from Continental Motorcycle Tires can be found on www.conti-moto.com