By Motoviajeros Magazine

It is nothing new to say that the TKC 70 Rocks are the best trail tires we can find in the market. Nor is it a novelty that they are the favorite tires of adventurers. What has left us speechless are these incredible photographs provided by our friends at Motoviajeros. It is a spectacular report in which they have crossed Morocco for two weeks.

With the new Ducati DesertX, one of the reference bikes in the trail field, the TKC 70 Rocks have traveled almost 3000 miles through all types of terrain: highway, rocky roads, sand, rivers … and even dunes! But not only that, Continental tires have shown that in addition to being able to handle all types of surfaces, they are also capable of adapting to all types of weather. During the days, temperatures reached maximum temperatures of 86°F (30°C) and minimum temperatures of 28°F (-2°C).

But before we get to what we are interested in – those spectacular images – we did not want to miss this opportunity to review the great qualities of the TKC 70 Rocks. This rear tire, which was created to combine with the standard TKC 70, manages to give the user a plus in performance and grip in off-road. In this way, adventurers can go beyond the asphalt and into more difficult terrain, as demonstrated by the guys at Motoviajeros.

The TKC 70 Rocks are handmade at the Korbach plant in Germany, and feature exclusive Continental MultiGrip, ZeroDegree and RainGrip technologies. This is not the first time that specialists have put our tires to the test: a few years ago the TKC 70 Rocks were already subjected to the demanding test of the press, and the result was extraordinary. And you, have you already tried them? And now, here you have a gallery with some of the photos that show how far our tires are capable of going.

TKC 70 Rocks Photos in the Moroccan Dunes