Motorcycle Braking Techniques

The brakes, together with the tires, are the most important elements of the motorcycle when it comes to safety. On the road, every millisecond counts, and that is why today we want to make a special mention to the care of the brakes and the importance of having a good braking technique. Knowing how to brake correctly can prevent many close calls, whether in the city or on the road, and for this we must take into account several points.

Care and Maintenance

First of all, it is essential to have the brakes in good condition and to have them checked. Special attention must be paid to ensure that the levers are correctly positioned, and that the screws are well tightened. We must frequently check the brake fluid reservoir to see that it is within the correct levels and that it has a clear color.

In addition, the pistons must be well greased to achieve fluid movement. The pads must be changed when their thickness is less than 2 millimeters (we recommend consulting the manufacturer’s guide).

The way you ride also has a great influence on brake maintenance. If you are one of those who like to accelerate and ride the bike at high speeds, the brakes will suffer more. The higher the speed, the longer the braking distance and the greater the wear on the brakes. In addition, constant rough and improper use will also cause them to wear out and overheat easily.

Choose models with ABS

The ABS system (Anti-lock Braking System) has a direct influence on the stability of the motorcycle, guaranteeing total control over braking. The aim is to prevent loss of control of the motorcycle in the event of emergency braking by means of a system that acts on the hydraulic brakes, releasing pressure when it detects that one of the wheels has locked up. In addition to avoiding wheel lock-up, it is interesting to note the latest cornering ABS, which acts in an optimized way for when the bike brakes in full inlcunation when the bike is turning.

Continental is the only tire brand that manufactures these systems. In fact, the German firm was responsible for introducing the first ABS in history in 1969. If you want to know more about this technology, you can read about it in the following articles.

Specialized courses in braking

As mentioned above, knowing how to ride correctly and treat the brake properly is essential for the good condition of the brakes. To learn the technique there are many specialized courses on this subject, whose main objective is to reduce traffic accidents and their consequences in the sector of motorcycles.

In this type of courses, knowledge is imparted on braking technique, speed control and stopping the vehicle. You will also learn about systems technology, maintenance, risks, etc. These courses are very useful in order to increase your riding safety and reduce as much as possible the action-reaction time in case of an accident.