The Spotlight…

It’s a warm summer night full of laughter, storytelling and the smell of exhaust – it’s Bike Night! Strolling from bike to bike, enthusiasts admire the custom personality of each build. No build on this night is too small or too big for the spotlight. Customizing your motorcycle continues to be at the heart of each Bike Night around the country.

A couple years back we decided to put our customization designs to the test. Purchasing a 2011 Harley-Davidson Road King from our friends in Wisconsin, our design needed the right hands to turn our vision to reality. We knew exactly the right guy for the job. Employing Tank, from Tank’s Tuff Cycles in Ohio, to use his years of wisdom and craftsmanship to turn our stock Road King into a custom show piece. Tank’s meticulous craftsmanship came to life with custom modifications and parts supplied from our distributor Drag Specialties. Modifications include: our traditional Continental yellow and black color tones, ape-hanger bars, sportier disc brakes, customized exhaust and raised bags to better show our ContiTour tires.

Two months later our Continental Show King was ready to hit the road. First showcased to dealers and vendors in October of 2016 at a Parts Unlimited event. Attracting the spotlight, the custom Continental Show King was featured in magazines, photo shoots, bike shows and was the feature of our “Built to Ride” campaign. A campaign aimed to drive awareness to our newly engineered high mileage and performance touring tire, the ContiTour.

The Continental Show King can be found today touring the open road, fueling up at Sturgis, enjoying the spotlight at Daytona Bike week or parked in our South Carolina showroom.