Suzuki Katana with a set of ContiRaceAttack Comp Endurance

ContiRaceAttack Comp

Gary Hurd’s tiger-striped Suzuki is sure to stand out form a mile away. This classic looks great, but handles even better thanks to a very grippy and durable set of Continental hyper-sport tires, the ContiRaceAttack Comp End.

Practical Sportsbike’s resident Technical Consultant is a big fan of any 80’s Suzuki GSX, and this big Kat certainly stands for something.

Gary has now completed more than 6,000 miles on the Katana using our ContiRaceAttack Comp rubber – on both road and track.

In Gary’s Own Words:

In the Practical Sportsbike September 2018 issue, he had this to say about them:

ContiRaceAttack Comp

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I really rate these Continental tires. They’ve been on my Katana now for a couple of years and 6,500 miles, and in that time they’ve done it all; road, track, sprint, commuting, the lot“.

“The front is a soft compound, the rear a medium and I had expected the rear to last for maybe 2,500 miles, tops. I reckon I could squeeze another 500 out of both, and it’s not as if I’ve given them a quiet life”.

“The rear’s been subjected to burn-outs pre-quarter mile sprinting. I tried it without burning out too and it proved sticky enough to dig in and drive which impressed me.”

“The biggest thing for me has been the confidence they’ve given me. I don’t ever have to think ‘is it going to grip?’ because I know it will. The only issue I’ve had was the front going flat one night, but I put that down to a missing dust cap. Since pumping it back up it’s been fine.”

“The best recommendation I give the Contis is that I’ve just ordered another set for the Kat, and a front for my VW trike project.”

The ContiRaceAttack Comp comes in a range of compounds. Get it with a soft and medium for race use, or the endurance for fast road and track day riding. The ContiRaceAttack Comp is available in these sizes:

ContiRaceAttack Comp
ContiRaceAttack Comp size chart