Races Between High-End Cars and Motorcycles

A few weeks ago we told you all about the ‘Universo Continental‘, an event that was held at the Jarama Circuit in Madrid and which welcomed more than 800 people, including customers and press. It was the biggest and most relevant event in years and all the brand’s novelties were presented. Attendees were able to enjoy numerous activities, but undoubtedly, the one that most caught the attention of the readers of this blog were the races on track between high-end sports cars and supersport bikes of the moment.

It is true that it is not every day that you see machines of this type, much less challenging each other on a circuit. During the days of the ‘Universo Continental’  we could see several car-bike races; among the most striking head-to-head races were the Lamborghini Huracán VS Kawasaki Ninja H2R or the Porsche Taycan VS Yamaha R1. Who did you say won?

Obviously the two-wheelers. Although this type of cars have much more HP than supersport motorcycles, we must take into account the weight/power ratio. If we divide the HP by the weight in kilograms of both, the result will be in favor of the motorcycle. For this reason, the acceleration of the H2R or the R1 are incomparable with those of the cars (see in the video), but what about in the curves? These are the only points where cars can cut a bit of a margin, as they can take advantage of the footprint of the four tires on the ground and, above all, aerodynamics. Even so (and to the delight of motorcycle lovers) both the Yamaha and the Kawasaki came out winners of the duels… by far.

Of course, both cars and bikes were equipped with Continental supersport tires. The tires were the icing on the cake of these spectacular races. What do you think of them?

Continental Super Sport Tires

If there’s one thing we can boast about at Continental, it’s having a super sporty range capable of satisfying all types of motorcycles and riders. Here is a brief summary of our options:

  • ContiSportAttack 4: this is our high-end super sport tire and is considered the step before the track tire. It is able to offer the amateur user his first steps on the track safely. It features the patented Continental BlackChili compound, which offers high grip rates and fast warm-up. It has been awarded several times by industry specialists.
  • ContiRaceAttack 2 Street: is a track tire that is approved for road use. It is within the hypersport range and its high performance makes it a track tire suitable for road use as well. It also has the BlackChili compound.
  • ContiRaceAttack 2: this tire is the choice for racing series where a DOT approved or treaded tire is required. Since this is primarily a racing tire they should be used with tire warmers.
  • ContiTrack: these track slicks are the perfect choice for riders on their track days or amateur racing. They are available in different compounds, Soft/Soft and Medium/Medium, making them the perfect fit for every superbike. They are produced and manufactured in Germany, and feature ZeroDegree technology applied.