Happy Father’s Day!

Quick…”Who do you love more, Mom or Dad?” Just kidding! You have love enough for everybody. So, if you checked out our tips about the Mother’s Day, you know that Father’s Day is June 21st and  we weren’t going to miss out on some great gift ideas. Fortunately for your, if Dad is a motorcycle lover, finding him that perfect gift will be a ride in the park. Here is a quick rundown of the ideas the team at ContiMoto put together to ensure that this Father’s Day, Dad gets the love he deserves!

A motorcycle t-shirt

Who doesn’t need another t-shirt? If your Dad is like us, he probably loves his Motorcycle shirts and has one for every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Before Father’s Day, you should take a trip to your local Motorcycle dealership or repair shop and rummage through their racks of t-shirts. If Dad rides a BMW, KTM, Indian, or especially a Harley Davidson (Harley has more styles of shirts than days in year), chances are there are shirts for the bike he owns or the one he aspires to acquire. If there isn’t a shop nearby, most online retail sites like BikeBandit.com, Chaparral, and Revzilla carry loads of casual clothing that can be shipped right to your door.

Whether or not Dad is a rider or just likes to wear motorcycle-themed clothing, a t-shirt is an easy and cheap gift that he is going to love!

Road trip

It’s time for a Road Trip! Who doesn’t want to hit the road and create a real-life adventure movie to share with the family on Thanksgiving. This is one of our most favorite gifts ideas. Since Dad has been locked-up like the rest of us and probably has had enough social-distancing to last two lifetimes, we think now is the time help him plan that motorcycle trip. And since you are already headed to your local motorcycle shop to get Dad a t-shirt, you should also pick him up a travel book about road trips.

You also spend some quality time with Dad and surf the information super highway for the multitude of online planning tools and trip planners for motorcycle enthusiasts. One of our favorite online resources is Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR). BDR is a non-profit organization that creates off-highway routes for dual-sport and adventure motorcycle travel. They have introduced a new route with free GPS tracks for the community every year since 2010. BDR also is involved with rider education, safety campaigns and promoting responsible travel for motorcyclists traveling in the backcountry. What a great place to help Dad discover that next big backcountry trip!

Motorcycle manufacturers like Harley Davidson also maintain online motorcycle trip planning resources. Harley allows visitors to create their own route with the new Harley-Davidson® Ride Planner. The site has so many resources, including their Tips on how to make the most of every ride, from clothing to emergency items. Check it out!

Adventure Dining

If a big trip just isn’t in the cards, you can always give Dad a taste of adventure. Lisa and Simon Thomas with 2RidetheWorld have traversed the globe on their motorcycles and experienced food from here to Timbuktu. Now Lisa Thomas has released a book all about the food on their journeys. If you and Dad love food and travel, you will want to get a copy of Dirty Dining – An Adventurer’s Cookbook. From comfort food to exotic dishes to sweet and gooey guilty desserts, adventurers and armchair travelers alike will appreciate each recipe’s simplicity and ease of preparation. You can order a copy today and make your favorite dish for Dad on his special Day.

Cleaning products

Dad loves to clean! Said Dad NEVER. But when cleaning his motorcycle, it is important for Dad to have the best cleaning products available. Nearly every manufacturer has cleaning products and supplies specially designed for their bikes. Take a ride over to your local bike shop or dealer to check out the supplies they have in stock. Yes, there is a lot to look at, but bike shop owners have a pretty good idea of what Dad will need to keep his bike looking tiptop. Look for polishes and waxes designed for the paint on Dad’s bike.

If you really want to make Dad happy, you could always offer to help him with a wax job. What better way to spend some quality time with Pops than talking about motorcycles.

A phone mount

If dad and his smartphones are joined at the hip, the perfect gift for him might just be a phone mount for his motorcycle. Today phones are for more than just chitchatting. They also double as a GPS for most riders; So a phone mount should really be considered two gifts. It’ll keep Dad connected and on the grid.

While you are at it, pick up a road map at your local dealer as well. You never know when that Cell Signal is going to drop and Dad will need some old school orienteering skills to get him home.

A street-fighter helmet

We could talk about a typical helmet, but if your Dad is a kid at heart, we thought you might want to introduce him to something that is straight out of an 80’s sci-fi show. Check out the full-face street-fighter helmets. They look aggressive and way different from the standard headgear. Some versions are even convertible, so he can use it as a full-face superhero-inspired face shield or as an open-face helmet. Be original and show Dad why he is the real hero in your life.

High quality tire gauge and air compressor

For us folks in the world of tires, it’s all about the tire pressure. If Dad is still relying on his instincts to gauge his motorcycle tire pressure, we think it might be time for you to get him a new tire gauge and air compressor. Whether you’re a top race team or just looking to improve handling, tire wear and fuel economy you can’t go wrong with a tire gauge. You can’t go wrong with a Motion Pro Tire Gauge. They come on all shapes, sizes, and varieties. You can pick one up at your local shop or online. A gauge may not be the “cool” gift you are considering, but it will get more use than almost anything else you buy Dad.

A set of Continental Tires… why not?

If it’s good enough for Mom, then why not consider a set of tires for Dad? A good set of tires can make all the difference. You should know the tire sizes of his Motorcycle and the kind of rides he usually does.  When your headed to the store to pick him up a t-shirt or cleaning supplies, check out the tires. There are usually some great deals around Father’s Day you don’t want to miss out. If you aren’t sure about what type of tires to get Dad, then take a snap shot of his bike and talk to your local dealer about Dad’s rides and what tires might be best for his bike and lifestyle.

We, of course are partial to Conti tires. You can find out more about the whole range of Continental Motorcycle tires online and even find the correct sizes for Dad’s bike.

Whatever you decide to give Dad for Father’s Day, just remember to spend as much time with him as possible. Happy Father’s Day!