Talking to Andrew Huerta about his Harley-Davidson Lowrider with ContiTour tires

After its launch early 2017, the new ContiTour cruiser tire has attracted the attention of many V-Twin riders across the U.S. One of those riders happens to be an exceptional builder from California, Andrew Huerta. With an aggressive pattern design and the performance to back it up, the ContiTour is a perfect fit for Huerta’s most exciting builds.

ContiTour, Andrew Huerta

Andrew Huerta’s earliest memories of a motorcycle was his uncle Danny Molina’s 1949 Harley-Davidson Panhead. Andrew obsessed over that bike before he even really knew what it was. But the big day in Andrew’s young life of motorcycling was when his father came home with his first dirt bike. Andrew said that he has never felt a better high than that moment he threw a leg over that little Honda XR70. From the smell of the gas to the plyable rubber of the tires Andrew was obsessed with the two-wheeled life after that moment. Andrew thinks that it just the overall mechanics of motorcycles coupled with the alone time, freedom and the fresh air is what he likes most about riding on two wheels.

ContiTour, Andrew Huerta

When Andrew got into his adult life riding was a rare occasion. He was working two jobs just to stay afloat. Then 2013 Andrew lost his father unexpectedly. He then found himself heavily drinking and constantly dealing with the justice system because of the unreleased anger he had built up inside. His uncle Danny saw the turmoil he was in and helped Andrew get on his first Harley. Then Andrew began to clean up his act and put all his time and focus on two wheels again. And the rest they say is history.

Andrew currently has more than a few different bikes in his stable. A 1990 H-D FXR-S convertible, a 1992 H-D FXR-S convertible, a 2003 H-D FXD, a 2014 H-D Dyna Street Bob, a 1200s H-D Sportster flat track bike and a 2005 H-D Police Road King. Though he says his all-time favorite motorcycle is his 1992 H-D FXR-S due to the fact that this bike is completely stock and he can always rely on to get him where he needs to go. Plus he says it handles really well.

ContiTour, Andrew Huerta

Andrew just got his hands on a 2018 Harley-Davidson Lowrider which he has customized with all sorts of trick parts, paint, and a new set of Continental’s ContiTour tires. He has been attending and winning various shows across the country with it and presently Andrew has just been riding the Softail and enjoying all the time in the saddle that he can. When speaking about the ContiTour tires, Andrew told us, “I have tried just about every tire out there for Baggers, Dynas, and FXRs and when I switched to the Continental tires it was a major upgrade to both comfort and handling. I really like them a lot

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