Reel Clips and Fast Curves  

If you’re ever in need of a fast haircut in West Palm Beach, FL “Reel Clips is the place to go. Reel Clips is operated by Adrian Mitchell- A.K.A. “the world’s fastest barber” and he’ll cut your hair in record time!

Actually, the moniker “world’s fastest barber” has a double meaning for winning motorcycle racer and barber Adrian Mitchell. Adrian was an active BMX racer up to about age 16 and has always been infatuated with 2 wheels. When he brought home his first real motorcycle, a 2006 Kawasaki 636, his mother gasped “what is that?” but it was too late, he was hooked on motorcycles.

Adrian and his best friend at the time had big dreams of becoming famous racers and stunt riders- Adrian would be the racer and his friend the stunt rider. When his friend was killed in a tragic accident, motorcycles took a back seat to furthering Adrian’s career as a barber which led him to open Reel Clips, a movie-themed barber shop. At Reel Clips, patrons can watch full-length movies in the waiting area and watch from small screens while in the barber chair.

Comeback to the track

Fast forward a few years and with a renewed interest in motorcycles Adrian Mitchell met motorcycle racer, Tim Hunt who convinced him to try a track day at Barber Motorsports Park. Adrian thought “Barber Motorsports Park” had a nice sound to it as a barber himself so he agreed to give it a try. Barber Motorsports Park was also the scene of Adrian’s first race and he’s been actively racing ever since.

Adrian hits the track around 20 times a year including 8 or 9 races in the Florida Motorcycle Road Racing Association (FMRRA) series and he’s amassed quite a winning record including 5- 1st place finishes overall, 20 gold medals and 25 silver. His 2020 record is impressive as he captured 3 FMRRA championships; 2020 Moto 3 expert sprint overall, 2020 Moto 3 expert Grande Corsa overall champion and 2020 Moto 3 overall champion. Adrian’s current race bikes are a 2017 Kawasaki 636 that runs in the Superstock class and a Yamaha R3 for the Moto 3 group. His number “191” pays tribute to his friend’s football number and he’s proud to have accomplished his part of the dream they shared in his friend’s honor.

Adrian has been racing on Continental racing tires for 2 seasons now and contributes much of his recent success to them. “I really like the excellent feedback I get from the Continental race tires; I can really feel what’s going on with the bike” Adrian states. “The wet performance is great, nice grip overall and Race Attacks on my R3 are amazing!” “I’ve ridden on a lot of different brands of tires and the Continentals are a lot better.” “Adrian has progressed as a mature, consistent and faster rider” according to Eric Komrowski, owner of MWC Racing in South Daytona Beach, FL.  Eric added, “Adrian is a hard worker off the track as well- I’ve seen him cutting hair in the pits to support his racing”.  MWC Racing supports Adrian and many other riders in the FMRRA series with trackside tire, suspension and tuning support along with selected AHRMA races.

Find out more about Continental Race and Hyper Sport tires and check out Monkey Works Cycle-MWC Performance on Facebook for more racing supplies and team information.  Follow Adrian on his Instagram Page:  @Dreamon – Renaissance Man💈Darth Fader💈
Worlds Fastest barber – Motorcycle Racer