Kicking the Season off with a Ride through the Smoky Mountains

One of the best parts of riding motorcycles is riding with others. As it is, riding a motorcycle is a visceral and dopamine-dumping activity that for many of us is a needed part of life, but it’s the community and the shared passion that makes riding so much fun. It’s one thing to enjoy a road by yourself, pushing into each corner and having a blast while doing it. But it’s another entirely to have that same feeling and see your friends with you having the same experience. This is why we put so much focus on getting out and riding. To kick off this season, we brought a group of partners and friends together for our first ride of 2024 in the mountains of Helen, Georgia.

Helen is a small town, nestled in the Smoky Mountains of Northern Georgia, styled as an homage to the Bavarian mountain towns of Germany. It’s even the sister-city of Fussen, Germany, making the connection to the German roots of Continental even more appropriate.

Besides the charm of this little town, it also serves as a central point to the best riding roads in all of Georgia. We brought together our team of Charlotte influencers, Sammy Marques (@2WheelsSammy), JP Peralta (@jpgarage704) and Amy Escobar (@amylyxescobar) along with Chase from ChaseOnTwoWheels and Lali (@anti_parallali) along with some other ContiRiders for a weekend of carving these beautiful mountain roads.

Equipped with nearly the entire portfolio of Continental tires, our group was ready to put the rubber to the road. JP brought out his KTM 1290 SuperDuke R, equipped with a meaty set of ContiRaceAttack 2 Street tires, ready to put the street-legal race tires to the test. Sammy came out on her custom rose gold Aprilia Tuono V4, ready to put on some miles with the ContiRoadAttack 4 and see what the Hyper-Touring hype is all about and Amy’s CBR650R was fitted with ContiSportAttack 4 tires to round out the full sport line-up of Continental tires.

Later on, Chase pulled into the Helendorf after touring from the Atlanta area with his MT10 on ContiRoadAttack 4 tires to get the full experience of what it’s like to tour on a hypersport bike with tires to match the performance and lifestyle. Lali also joined us on a Ducati Scrambler on a ContiRoadAttack 4 rear tire with a ContiRoadAttack 3 CR front tire to accommodate the 18” front wheel. Leading the group was our racing partner from Florida, MonkeyWorks Cycle Performance on his S1000RR, breaking the liter bike in before turning it into a full-on race machine. With the team assembled, we were ready to ride.

From iconic Northern Georgia routes like the Suches Loop and adventures up Bell Mountain, the weekend was filled with beautiful views, pumping adrenaline and uncompromised grip. Our group put about 500 miles on the saddle and left with no chicken-strips on our Contis and smiles on our faces. The group, without a doubt, could say that these were some of the best roads they have ridden and we were already planning our next trip by Sunday. 

With such an incredible group of content creators and riders with us, you can only imagine what creativity came out from this trip. Be sure to follow everyone involved and see their perspective of the weekend and take a look through the photo gallery below for a closer look into the ride.