Type of Bike, Surface and Dimensions

Adventure bikes are becoming more and more successful in the two-wheeler market, whether they are mid-displacement or maxi-trail bikes. However, many of their owners do not use them off-road, not even on dirt roads with low difficulty and, when they do, at rare occasions. In this case, Continental does offer the 19″ ContiRoadAttack 4 for the front wheel.

The 19 inch front wheel configuration, in addition to a longer suspension travel and a higher ground clearance, allows you to ride off-road trails and paths. However, it’s very often that the rider chooses to always go on-road and not enter any kind of off-road trails or terrain. This is often the case because adventure motorcycles are more and more attractive due to the comfortable riding position, height, and even the design.

There are many big adventure bikes on the market that use 19” front and 17” rear wheels: BMW R 1250 GS, KTM 1290 Super Adventure S, Ducati Multistrada V4, Suzuki V-Strom 1050, Triumph Tiger 1200 GT or Harley- Davidson Pan America 1250, among others. The same configuration is also found on mid-displacement motorcycles, such as the Ducati Multistrada V2, Moto Guzzi V85 TT, BMW F 750 GS, Suzuki V-Strom 650, Honda CB500X and KTM 390 Adventure. Even the Zero DSR/X electric motorcycle shares this wheel and suspension setup

ContiRoadAttack 4, Designed for On-Road Routes

The ContinentalRoadAttack 4, available in 17” and 19” sizes, is an ideal tire for touring motorcycles, with a compound and tread design that provides tremendous wet performance, in addition to its optimal dry performance that even outperforms some sport compounds. This easy and intuitive tire has a slick area to give more grip on high lean angles and a fast warm-up, even on wet roads.

However, as mentioned above, it is not a tire made for off-road use and its primary performance is designed for the road. In the case you go off-road rarely, it’s a good idea to choose the Continental ContiTrailAttack 3 as a good option for your adventure touring bike, a tire with a great on-road performance as well, but nice capability on easy off-road paths and gravel roads.

Continental offers this 19” front tire with a size of 110/80 R and 120/70 ZR. These dimensions are very common on the vast majority of adventure models on the market. Both have a load and speed index (59V and 60W respectively) more than enough to support the passenger and luggage at high speeds. In the case of the 17” size, it offers a wide range of options in the front and rear tires.

Adventure touring bikes like the BMW GS Series and Triumph Tiger are increasingly becoming popular touring bikes, whether or not the rider travels off-road. If you’re looking at one of these bikes and aren’t too keen on riding off the beaten path, we’d suggest taking a look at the ContiRoadAttack 4. If you’re looking to occasionally ride your bike through some gravel or dirt roads and need something with a little more versatility, the ContiTrailAttack 3 is the best choice for you. For those looking to venture down some fire roads and backroad trails, the TKC 70 and TKC 70 Rocks are the right tire for you. To find the best tire for you, take a look through our blog and products as well as our easy-to-use fitment guide. We hope you have a great time on the saddle and find the tire that fits your lifestyle best.