The Motorcycle Industry Council invited Continental to Washington, DC to join the annual “Fly-In”

The yearly event where members of the MIC share ideas on how to better the motorcycle industry with US House of Representatives and Senate members. Bob and Suzanne Henning, owners of a BMW dealership were at the event representing and acting as a voice for motorcycle dealerships. Continually having the pleasure of running into Bob, we got to know him well over the next couple of days. Bob and Suzanne’s story is rather interesting. We learned that Bob is a collector of motorcycle history and he invited us to tour his motorcycle museum. Bob’s been collecting motorcycles, parts and iconic elements of motorcycling history for more than 35 years!

Bob’s museum contains 75 motorcycles, each of them with its own unique story, from his first motorcycle, to the original Simon & Lisa Thomas motorcycles of 2 Ride the World and a BMW raced by Gary Nixon in the “BMW Battle of Legends” series. The museum even has a unique MV Agusta on 1 wheel! Those are just a few of the many motorcycle pieces of art found in Bob’s unique museum of iconic motorcycle memorabilia. Everyone will have a favorite motorcycle in this collection; my favorite was the BMW RT 90 exactly like the one my father in law previously owned.

As extra gratification and pleasing to our eyes, Bob owns a huge vintage Continental banner from back when Continental was the top brand in the US and dominated motorcycle racing with the famous Conti Twins tires!

Motorcycle enthusiasts should be thankful that people like Bob spend their time, money and effort recovering and restoring these beautiful machines to share them with the motorcycle community. It was truly a great opportunity to spend time admiring a part of motorcycle history. Thanks Bob, we had a great time!

As a private museum, Bob ask that you arrange an appointment. We highly recommend it!