Continental triumphs in France

At the end of the last race counting for the French Rally Championship held on October 16 and 17, Bruno Schiltz won the title in the Elite category at the end of the Charentes Rally in Rouillac with his Aprilia Tuono V4 and our ContiRaceAttack 2. After several participations in the Moto Tour and two French Rally Championship titles (2017 and 2019), the rider from the Yonne region won a third title in the Elite category. This type of competition is the best way to showcase the performance of Continental tires. In road rallies the tires are tested to the limit, and in these conditions the rider needs to rely on them to concentrate exclusively on the race.

The ContiRaceAttack 2 tires have been the perfect match for Bruno’s Aprilia, the versatility and confidence they transmit have made the difference during the race, achieving the best time in each stage. They are a DOT approved racing tire available in soft/medium compounds. The ContiRaceAttack 2 tires feature the exclusive BlackChili compound for fast lap times lap after lap with fast warm-up.

But a victory never comes alone, and Continental has achieved yet another victory in France this season. This time it was in the French Classic Racing Speed Championship and it was a double victory. Continental has won first and third place this season with two teams betting on its tires to compete. Team Honey Racing took the lead, while Team Stachmou finished third. Both teams praise the performance and durability of the Continental tires, which have definitely helped them to achieve the podiums.

Last but not least, Team Motoshop 35 Tournay Distribution, using ContiRoadAttack 3 CR, were proclaimed champions in the “Legend Cup” Classic Endurance Championship. Their riders, Christian Haquin and Timothée Monot, were riding a 1982 Kawasaki Z1000J with a 126 hp engine, and their Continental tires remained constant throughout the tests, especially their fast warm-up even without the use of tire warmers. The team was also surprised and took advantage of the tires’ cornering performance, at no time during the entire race at the Missano circuit did they lose confidence in the tire, not even when braking hard into corners and accelerating on corner exit.

The performance of the Continental ContiRoadAttack 3 CR was spectacular and decisive for the French team to win the championship. These street-legal radial compound classic motorcycle tires provide maximum grip, incredible handling and high stability on even the narrowest rims, making them the first choice for powerful classic supersports and classic racing bikes.

They have a revised racing compound and custom tread pattern for improved wet grip. They feature Continental’s GripLimitFeedback technology, which increases the level of safety at extreme lean angles as the user receives early feedback in critical situations and thus allows a higher level of limit control. In this way, the ContiRoadAttack 3 CR becomes the perfect choice for riders who like to race at the limit and thus become the benchmark for the sportiest classic bikes.