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Harley-Davidson Pan America: the Adventure Touring Motorcycle That Has Revolutionized the American Brand

August 31, 2022

The Biggest Splash In the Market The Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 has undoubtedly been a before and after, not only in the Milwaukee brand, but throughout the motorcycle industry. It is one of the most groundbreaking motorcycles that has hit the market in recent years, and that has also been transferred to the number of […]

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Tips: When Should I Change the Tires On my Motorcycle?

August 17, 2022

Pay Attention to the Tire Tread When should I change the tires? It is one of the questions that you usually ask us, since the change can be caused by several reasons, but the main one is usually the wear. In many cases we fail to tune up to the limit, alleging the typical excuse […]

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Recommended Tires for 6 Interesting Motorcycles of the Moment

July 28, 2022

What Tire Should I Put on My Bike? Today we want to review the 6 most interesting motorcycles of the 2022 season. Every year, the major brands present their new products with the aim of placing themselves in the spotlight of users. That’s why many can be lost in the sea of possibilities available, and […]

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Is Stunt Riding As Dangerous As it Seems? Our Specialist Rider, José Ángel Cuadrado, Explains it to Us.

July 8, 2022

Trusting In the ContiSportAttack 4 Stunt riding is a discipline that is gaining more and more followers every day, and it’s no wonder: who wouldn’t be fascinated by watching how riders defy the laws of gravity with their motorcycles? The wheelies, acrobatics and inverts are the protagonists of this sport that requires a meticulous technique, […]

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ContiRoadAttack 4: The Motorcycling Press Puts the Hyper-touring Tire to the Test

June 28, 2022

Track Test Day A few weeks ago Continental invited the motorcycling press to Almeria (Spain) to present first-hand the new tire in its range: the ContiRoadAttack 4. For this event motorcycle product manager came directly from Germany to the Almeria circuit to explain, together with Continental engineers, each of the technologies applied to the latest […]

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GASGAS Launches Its 700 Range, Fully Equipped with Continental

June 13, 2022

New GASGAS ES 700 and SM 700 GASGAS has expanded its range with two new models quite different from what we have been used to, and has launched its first two road bikes: the GASGAS ES 700 and the GASGAS SM 700. The brand originally from Spain has opted for Continental to fit both models, […]

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The Best 7 Tires for Sport Bikes

May 31, 2022

Tires for Sport Bikes The highest demands in motorcycling are made in sporty riding. In the case of motorcycle tires, high performance is expected and they are of great importance when maximum performance is sought or even when fighting on the track to lower lap times by a few tenths of a second. Continental has […]

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Top 7 reasons to get the Continental ContiRoadAttack 4

May 17, 2022

Why to get a pair of Continental ContiRoadAttack 4 The Continental ContiRoadAttack 4 is the latest addition to the range of tires of the German brand. It has an updated design that stands out from its competitors in the traditional requirements of the Sport-Touring segment: mileage, comfort, stability and wet grip. As if that were […]

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BlackChili Compound: the Common Point Between Continental Motorcycle, Car and Bike Tires

April 28, 2022

Maximum Grip and Fast Warm-Up Continental began its journey in 1871 in Hanover manufacturing bicycle tires. 150 years later, the German company has offices around the world and a team of thousands of professionals who have made it a benchmark brand in the car, truck, motorcycle and bicycle tire sector. Each of its departments is […]

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Motorcycle Brakes: the Basic Technique and the Importance of their Maintenance

April 18, 2022

Motorcycle Braking Techniques The brakes, together with the tires, are the most important elements of the motorcycle when it comes to safety. On the road, every millisecond counts, and that is why today we want to make a special mention to the care of the brakes and the importance of having a good braking technique. […]

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