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Continental Offers Rebate for Two Premium Motorcycle Tires

May 1, 2021

$50 Continental Consumer Rebate for SportAttack 4 & RoadAttack 3 Touring Tires This May and June 2021, Continental Motorcycle tires is offering a $50 Prepaid Visa ® Card and 3-years of Flat Tire Towing (regardless of tread-depth) when consumers purchase a set of premium test-winning tires: Either the ContiSportAttack 4 and ContiRoadAttack 3 tires. Valid […]

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Top 8 reasons to get the Continental ContiSportAttack 4

April 21, 2021

Why to get a pair of Continental ContiSportAttack 4 The Continental ContiSportAttack 4 is a sport tire that is best defined as the step before the circuit tire, being able to offer an amateur racer a safe first glimpse of what a track day is all about.  Since its introduction in 2020, this premium hyper […]

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ContiRoadAttack 3, the best sport-touring tire of the year by RevZilla

April 15, 2021

Chosen through the reviews of customers and specialists RevZilla, one of the leading retailers of motorcycle parts in the United States, conducts a well-respected series of equipment guides each year based on its own experience and the review of its thousands of customers. Among their reviews is the best motorcycle tires classified by type.

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The best sport-touring tires in 2021: ContiRoadAttack3, ContiRoad, ContiMotion and ContiTrailAttack3

April 1, 2021

Why should you choose a Sport-Touring tire?  If you are someone who lives by the motto “I’m not going anywhere without my bike,” and you are thinking about changing tires, Continental wants to help you understand why sport-touring tires just might be your best option. If you use your bike to travel, to have fun on the road, and also […]

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The 5 coolest motorcycles with Continental OEM tires in 2021

March 23, 2021

Major brands choose Continental The performance of Continental tires is not only supported by users, but also by today’s most important motorcycle brands. There are many brands that choose our models as the original tire to dress their bikes. Recently BMW announced that its 2021 BMW R nineT Urban G/S would have the TKC 80 in […]

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BMW R nineT Urban G/S equipped with Continental TKC 80 tires

March 17, 2021

TKC 80 tires as standard with off-road configuration BMW is rolling out its 2021 BMW R nineT Urban G/S with more traction, power, standard features, and a new design. In addition, the off-road configuration model will be fitted standard with Continental TKC 80 tires.

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Top 7 reasons to get the Continental TKC 70 and TKC 70 Rocks tires

March 9, 2021

Why to get a pair of Continental TKC 70 and TKC 70 Rocks It is no coincidence that the TKC 70 and TKC 70 Rocks are some of the star tires in Continental’s range. They are best sellers and their characteristics endorse them. They are versatile, durable and have the necessary grip for all types […]

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Tips. 6 signs that mean you should change the tires on your bike

March 2, 2021

Replace your tires now! It’s a simple question: When should I change my tires? There is no specific rule indicating the moment, mile or kilometer when you should replace your tire. However, there are some signs that give us some clues that the time has come to get some new ‘shoes’. Below, we will check […]

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Choosing the right tire for Adventure Riding

February 23, 2021

The best tires for adventure motorcycles Nothing can fire up the keyboards of Motorcycle Adventure fans online like the question “what oil, helmet or boots, etc. should I use”. Nothing except a discussion thread on tires. Let’s just say motorcycle riders, particularly, Adventure riders, can be somewhat opinionated about their favorite products no matter what […]

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Bare Knuckle Performance and Asphalt Dreams

February 16, 2021

Custom American Made Performance What began as a hobby and a love for motorcycles has turned into an industry leading company specializing in performance parts for Harley Davidson motorcycles. Paul Wideman worked as a mechanic in a local shop and built a frame-jig at home and was soon turning out his own custom frames. That […]

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