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EICMA 2023: Continental Shows its Latest Tires and Technologies

November 13, 2023

More Than a Century As a Leader in Innovation Last week, the Milan Motorcycle Show was held, the appointment par excellence for motorcycle enthusiasts. Of course, Continental could not miss it and displayed more than a century of technological innovation. EICMA 2023 has become a showcase for our latest solutions and cutting-edge products for two-wheelers, […]

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The New BMW M 1000 XR is Equipped with the ContiRaceAttack 2 Street

November 6, 2023

More than 200 HP! A Radical Crossover with HyperSport Tires The new member of the BMW M family is fitted with ContiRaceAttack 2 Street hypersport tires as standard. A bike that combines high performance, in the purest M style of the brand, along with HyperSport tires suitable for circuit and road, allowing you to push […]

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Top 6 Reasons to Get the Continental ContiRoad

October 24, 2023

Why to Get a Pair of Continental ContiRoad The Continental ContiRoad are part of our Sport-Touring tire range and can be considered as the ‘little brother’ of the ContiRoadAttack line, since they are born with the aim of satisfying the need for motorcycle tires a little more accessible but offer good performance, safe and durable. […]

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Where is the Limit of my Tire? Tips for Deciphering your Bike’s Reactions

October 10, 2023

Motorcycle Riding Limit One of the questions that all motorcyclists ask themselves at some point in their lives is: where is the limit of the tire? And consequently, how do I know how far to go on my motorcycle without the risk of falling or losing control? This very common question is not only asked […]

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Back to the Routine: Tips for Storing Motorcycle Tires During Winter

October 3, 2023

Take Care of the Tires while You Are Not Using your Motorcycle September is synonymous with the return to routine, and also the beginning of cold weather. Continental would like to give you tips on how to properly maintain and care for your motorcycle tires during the winter months, especially for those users who, in […]

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Four Keys to Make Sure Your Tire Is In Good Condition

August 31, 2023

What to Check On Your Tires? Bikers should pay attention to four key aspects of their tires: low tread depth, irregular wear, damage, and cracks. These are the primary issues we observe with motorcycles parked on the street. All you need to do is take a look. We’ve discussed on this blog multiple times about […]

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Continental ContiRoadAttack 4 vs ContiTrailAttack 3: Which Tire to Choose

August 7, 2023

Type of Bike, Surface, Riding Style… Continental offers a wide range of motorcycle tires and you may have some doubts about which one to choose. Whether it’s the type of bike or the riding style you have, one tire will be more useful than another. Since there can be confusion here, we’ll explain the differences […]

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Having a Blast in the Black Hills: Get On! ADV Fest 2023

July 31, 2023

Adventures in the Black Hills with Revzilla and Rever The Black Hills of South Dakota have a reputation for being one of the most beautiful places in our country. From wide open plains and rolling hills to winding roads through canyons of jagged granite that make you feel like standing at the base of a […]

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ContiRoadAttack4 19” Front: Is It a Good Choice for Adventure Bikes?

July 27, 2023

Type of Bike, Surface and Dimensions Adventure bikes are becoming more and more successful in the two-wheeler market, whether they are mid-displacement or maxi-trail bikes. However, many of their owners do not use them off-road, not even on dirt roads with low difficulty and, when they do, at rare occasions. In this case, Continental does […]

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ContiMoto Safety Tips: How to Avoid Accidents (Part 2)

July 13, 2023

Rider’s Responsibility Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. You are exposed to different factors that can cause a fall, but there are always ways to mitigate them or minimize injuries in the event of a fall. We will continue with the advice we previously provided, when we explained aspects such as the safety distance, the […]

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